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Women also practice chastity and they like it like Aline 3/3

On Sunday morning, I went for a walk and breathed the fresh "sea air" of the quays of Seyne. Little by little, I became aware of my solitude. I had built my life on my Master, I had very few friends or far too many. Wandering like a lost soul, I came home around eleven o'clock regretting not having taken a job at home. My finances being limited, I couldn't afford to go out to the movies every day and every time I had the urge to do something crazy with my body.

As if driven by a thunderbolt of carnal desire, I couldn't help but schedule a selfie for myself. I went back to Fessestivites to see if there were any new scenarios proposed. The pores of my skin became sensory sensors, just my breath was generating something. While my ice cube containing the keys to my handcuffs was in the freezer, reading the ideas or confessions of one and all, like a tsunami carrying everything in its path, laminated my resolutions of wisdom. My plan was very long and exhausting but it calmed me down.

My hands were tied to my feet, I was lying on my stomach and I had put on a hood. To limit my dumb reptile movements, I had made it very short. So much so that it took me, blindly, more than two hours to reach my keys left voluntarily on the opposite side of the apartment. If this calmed me down, it didn't make everything go away. I was going to go crazy in the five days I had left. That's when the box containing the keys to my chastity belt started to become my companion. It sat on my kitchen table, eating lunch with me, telling me tirelessly about the seconds and minutes that were counting down.

I was eight days in when I started to get twisted ideas. For someone who needed to cum at least once a day, eight days of total chastity is hard, very hard. I started surfing again and asked Elsa if her Master could make me a plan, that's how much! She laughed at me, nicely, she is a friend, and advised me to meet people. She told me that I had to continue to live my life, my sexuality and that I should not be satisfied with the memories of my Master. This made me think, but not more.

On the tenth day, the electronic box stopped talking to me. It had opened before I arrived. I almost gave in to the temptation to put off ten days, as my period was about to arrive, but this was not possible, or at least not convenient. I could have scheduled three or four days, ..... That evening, after removing the chastity belt, I made myself cum by imagining myself taken savagely by one or several men with beautiful cocks ravaging my mouth, my vagina and my anus. The orgasm was fleeting, too quick, almost disappointing.

I regretted taking off the belt because the state of excitement is so strong, that the orgasm itself becomes almost bland.

And that's when I realized that I had to meet someone and finally become who I am again. A girl who likes to be pushed around, to be the thing of a man, of her man. So I redid my ad, I put back pictures of "us", finally of me, made by my Master who never appeared because of the need of discretion.

Today, my decision is made, it will be a single Master and I forbid myself to fall in love with a guy in couple. If he is in a relationship, I am not interested, it hurts too much. And to conclude my commitments to myself, I went to a libertine club. A single woman doesn't have too much trouble finding a "shoe to fit" if you know what I mean. It was good, very good even, but not as if it had been my Master who "obliged" me and delivered me.

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