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Women also practice chastity and they like it like Aline 2/3

That evening, I opened the box as soon as I got home. I did a one minute test and the box stayed closed for one minute. I did a three minute test again and removed the batteries to see if I could cheat. The meter went out. I was afraid I had destroyed the electronic safe. When I put the batteries back in, it started working again. YIKES! It opened as expected, I was going to be able to take the plunge and wean myself off for ten days.

Before I even prepared food, I took an almost cold shower to calm my cravings and put on my chastity belt. The trunk was waiting for me on the kitchen table, it became my companion. I will explain later what that means.

So I put the keys to my chastity belt inside the chest, and then programmed ten days by turning the knob. As I pressed the button, my finger trembled. My index finger seemed to hesitate. Courage came to me as I thought of my Master, then once I pressed it, I watched the timer count down the five seconds, five seconds of reflection. The sound of the lock startled me.

The sound of the lock seemed to say to me, "You're up against the wall, baby, you're going to have to behave!

That evening, my hands kept touching it. They regularly rested on my belt. The program on TV was as bad as usual, so I didn't surf to avoid the temptation to go and read or see exciting things. The site where I used to go snooping is fessestivites, there are tons of stuff for selfbondage and nice erotic stories besides videos. That's where I met my Master. He's not in reality anymore, but he's still in my heart and I miss him so much. Let's move on.....

So I took a soporific book and found sleep quickly. At night, it started to work again..... My fingers kept touching me, well touching the chastity belt. It's hellish at first because it reminds you constantly when you move and every time you pee or sit down. Afterwards you get used to living with it, but it takes time, a lot of time....

In my first attempt at chastity, with the post office as my Mistress, well, key keeper, it lasted only three days. There I had peace of mind with the emergency exit of breaking the safe in case of emergency, there I had no, let's say, material concern, but a serious one about my abilities to be wise ten days. The day at work went by without worry, the evening either, because I was getting used to it. On Thursday, its perverse effects started to work my neurons. Friday is a short day thanks to the RTT, so I came home earlier even after doing my shopping. The evening seemed long and started to panic me because the whole weekend without working means having two days to think!

On Saturday morning, waking up early out of habit, cleaning and doing laundry seemed like a good idea to keep me busy. It was the afternoon that started to give me problems. Going to the pool as usual was not possible, so I made myself a cinoch because I really needed to not be left alone with myself. Around six o'clock, the shower taken and the meal just needing to be warmed up, I went to read my email. Bad idea!

There were notifications on naughty forum topics where I had intervened. Giving in to the temptation to go and read them, I mentally got back into BDSM. A submissive with whom I was chatting, was telling me about the gang bang organized for her by her husband. Elsa explained to me everything in detail, the slut, that she had been tied up, that she had been blindfolded, that she had been..... And I could see myself in her place being subjected to a pack of rutting males. So much so that after a while I realized that I was wiggling my butt in my office chair. When I opened the attachments, the four pictures she sent me set the world on fire. Fettered on a spanking bench, her ridged and offered buttocks forced my hands to grab my chest and knead it. From kneading to titillation of nipples, I was going crazy. I had to cut everything to go to take an almost cold shower! Freud is excellent, he helped me to fall asleep.

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