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with your chastebox choose a good chastity cage 3/3

GB 6000 E electric

The CB 6000 E is a unique electric chastity cage. You won't find anything like it anywhere else! The cage has the same design as the classic CB 6000 with the addition of rubber electrodes for electro-stimulation of the penis. Intense sensations are to be expected...

The keyholder with the help of a remote control (delivered separately) will be able to deliver electric shocks to the penis of the submissive, every time he has been naughty and he needs a punishment.

The remote control will allow him to control everything, the intensity of the electric shocks, their frequency and their duration. You or your partner can even choose from several exciting preset modes, which will deliver shocks at various intervals without the keyholder having to lift a finger!

This unique electro-stimulation penis cage is one of our best-selling models for a reason. It opens up a world of new possibilities for discipline, teasing and punishment.

The best chastity cages for fetish events and BDSM clubs

Most of the time, your chastity device is like a secret kept between you and your keyholder. You spend your day in normal clothes with the cage hidden underneath. Then, when you arrive home at the end of the day, you expose your cage to your mistress. It is there for her pleasure and for no other reason.

However, what if you and your partner decided to make your chaste lifestyle known to the general public? Would you exhibit it at a bondage or fetish party?

Most of our cage models are not just functional, they are also aesthetically pleasing, seductive and even beautiful. We have a number of models that are perfect for showing off to all your keyholder friends.

Supplice 200

The Supplice 200 stainless steel chastity device was designed to be the perfect marriage between appearance and comfort. It is our second bestseller among our wide range of metal chastity cage.

Your keyholder's friends as well as your fetish & BDSM club members will quickly see that you are a submissive and that you give all your devotion to your mistress (or master).

Of course, these are just a few of the countless suggestions we can offer you. At, we have collections for all tastes and desires. From beginners to thrill seekers to exhibitionists, we guarantee that our comprehensive product catalog contains the perfect penis cage for you or your partner.

If you're still unsure which chastity cage is right for you or have any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time or refer to our size guide. We are happy to provide you with personalized product recommendations based on your situation, preferences, needs and any other important factors.


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