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with your chastebox choose a good chastity cage 2/3

The Mouth

The lightweight design of The Mouth chastity cage is made possible by its small diameter bars. This model is only slightly heavier than our silicone and plastic models, yet it is easy to put on and take off.

The Mouth is made of stainless steel, so it can be immersed in water endlessly without fear of rusting. Its design is also geared towards softness, so it won't irritate or pinch the sensitive skin of your penis.

The name "The Mouth" comes from the fact that a keyholder can easily observe the mouth (glans) of the partner's penis thanks to its elegant, birdcage-like design. This allows for plenty of verbal and physical teasing throughout the day. Plus, this metal chastity cage is extremely easy to clean!

This chastity cage has the classic design of the CB6000 L in plastic but this time in smooth stainless steel.

This cage will cover your (or your partner's) entire sex, leaving only a few small slits for urine drainage and ventilation of your glans.

Although its design may seem intense, this chastity cage is actually very easy to use and extremely smooth. There is not a single sharp edge. In addition, it is very temperature sensitive, allowing you to play with hot and cold sensations during your chastity games.

Buying your first stainless steel chastity device is a big step in your journey to male chastity. So why not start with the best we have to offer?

The best chastity cages for humiliation

If you're a sissy, you love being insulted with your pathetic, shriveled little dick. That nothing turns you on more than those days when your Mistress forces you to wear lacy panties, or a sexy nurse's maid uniform with stockings and garter belt, or maybe even a bright pink butt plug dotted with jewels...

If any of the above applies to you (or your partner) - don't worry, has the perfect products for you...

The Tigress

Our unique La Tigresse chastity cage in bright pink. Its soft, smooth and enticing design! There is absolutely nothing masculine about this lovely design. It's no wonder this cage is a bestseller among humiliation lovers around the world!

It's available in two sizes that fit all those little female dicks perfectly. Even our largest model is only 72mm which is perfect for boys who are just pathetically tiny.

We recommend pairing this pretty pink penis cage with a cute feminine outfit or an equally pink Anal Plug for the ultimate effeminate female experience!

The Iron Maiden

Our best selling model, The Iron Maiden, is one of the smallest stainless steel chastity cages currently available. The number one reason we think the Iron Maiden is perfect for sissies is its design. It is more like a funnel than a penis.

Its shape is so different from a standard cage that one would easily forget that there is a male sex inside.

Of course, like all our humiliation-oriented chastity cages, the Iron Maiden is extremely easy to put on and take off. Its sleek, elegant design won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.

The best chastity cages for extreme sensation

So far, we've reviewed the best-selling chastity cages. But what if you or your partner has been caged for a long time and you're looking for something extreme to spice up your sex life?

Well, fear not! At, we pride ourselves on meeting all your chastity needs. We have a whole range of more "hard" and restrictive cages to offer you.

The Black Widow

The La Veuve Noire is one of our best selling stainless steel chastity devices, and for good reason! It offers unparalleled intensity due to its solid, heavy design that covers the entire cock.

The submissive will constantly feel the unusual weight on his penis - as his day progresses, there will be absolutely no chance of forgetting or ignoring the presence of his cage.

The Black Widow has a modern internal locking mechanism, which means there are no padlocks to deal with. Just close the lock and watch him languish in the heaviness of his cage.

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