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With a woman as mistress queen, men are in good hands and in chastity 2/3

"Little thing," "tiny thing," and other variations that draw attention to the actual size of his penis. In addition, feminization also plays an important role here, at least for me, and I like to nickname the slave's penis with words usually reserved for female genitalia. Oh, there's nothing better than calling one's penis a "pathetic clit" or "boy's pussy"!

Humiliation through BDSM punishment

Verbal humiliation works well enough on its own. However, why not opt for a double humiliation and combine it with a punishment?

For example, you can put your submissive in a cage and ask him to be static like a piece of furniture. He can make the chair against a wall or get into a 4-piece of pasta to make a coffee table. Either way, he's not man enough to fuck you all the way, so why not make him act like the poof he is, right? It's an incredibly entertaining and effective punishment! You can also release him from his cage and have him use his cock as a towel rack. He must maintain his erection or he will be severely punished!

Chastity: a permanent punishment

Resin chastity cage

Chastity is teasing, orgasm denial, pleasure, and humiliation. As the key holder, you have all the power. You decide when your slave is released (or not).

The chastity cage pushes the slave even further into submission and emphasizes the humiliating fact that they cannot penetrate or use their genitals as they are supposed to.

I like it when my slaves wear their cages for long periods of time, especially when we are not together. They can't have orgasms on the sly without my permission. Their periods of abstinence average 2 weeks, sometimes 1 when I want to play with them. This keeps them exactly where I want them to be: on the edge.

Then, when we meet, I masturbate them very slowly, all evening before giving them a ruined orgasm.

Cross-dress it

After wearing his chastity cage for a few weeks, my slave can come to me. Before reaching the bedroom, he must undergo several rounds of verbal and physical humiliation. For example, he has to wear sexy BDSM accessories, paint his nails and put on makeup. I like to compliment him on his excellent makeup skills.

Get him naked

If your slave doesn't like to cross-dress, have him walk around on all fours, naked. You can invite a third party to fuck you while he watches you. He will watch you cum with an intense sense of disappointment and excitement.

Playing with his semen

Sissy humiliation

Have him ejaculate on your shoes and then have him lick it off. You can also lay him on his back with his legs up as close to his shoulders as he can get. His cock will be close to his face and he will cover himself. Don't let him clean himself up until the end of the day.

You can also have him kneel on rice or corn while he masturbates. He can also masturbate with boots, furniture, the floor, he should never touch his sex with his hands.

Let him taste his seed

Make the slave eat his semen by giving it to him, or make him lick the floor, windows, bathroom tiles, toilet bowl, etc. On the other hand, you can save the semen for future meals. Freeze it in an ice cube tray, so you have a sweet humiliating treat for your slave for the next session.

Leave the dirty work to her

When it comes to humiliating punishment outside of the bedroom, I like to start with simple, degrading, dirty household chores, dishes, vacuuming, mopping, windows, yard work... When you're a dominant woman, you never really have to worry about keeping your house clean!

Treat him like a baby

Have your slave wear a diaper over his chastity device and put a pacifier in his mouth. He should crawl around like a baby while cleaning the house. You can even change your outfit: lingerie, a French maid's suit, nothing but high heels, etc.

Be petty and uncompromising

While your slave is cooking and cleaning, you should be lounging around and commenting on how poorly she is doing. Insult her accomplishments, task performance, intelligence and appearance. In addition, you can turn up the volume by assigning him a task you know he won't be able to accomplish (set an impossible deadline or simply suggest a difficult task), then ridicule him for not being able to do it.


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