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With a woman as mistress queen, men are in good hands and in chastity 1/3

Humiliation play, like all BDSM acts, must be done properly. Submissive men are easy to manipulate and humiliate. Their needs must be identified. Humiliation, and in particular chastity, is a popular fantasy. Men enjoy being dominated and controlled far more than we think.

However, you can't just cage their little bird and insult them. That's not how BDSM works. Here are some solid tips from a professional mistress on how to get your submissive to obey your every word.

Slave humiliation

Reverse domination

Humiliation leads to sexual pleasure and satisfaction for the dominant woman. The man takes pleasure in submitting, in being vulnerable, exposed and at the mercy of his superior Mistress.

His only goal is to please her. The fact that the submissive is aroused and deprived of a sexual outlet only increases the satisfaction of both parties, that of the woman because she feels powerful, and that of the submissive because he finally feels useful to something.

Consent: a key point in BDSM

You will experience sexual ecstasy when your slave watches you cum intensely during penetration with another man or a dildo. Each orgasm will drive him a little crazier.

To pull this scenario off, your man must be willing to have a third person in the room, and to be put in a chastity cage. This is why each scene must be negotiated in advance. A submission contract can be made by both parties if needed.

Security and follow-up

BDSM remains a leisure activity, you must not emotionally (or physically) mark your slave. Thus, you must establish a "safeworld" with your partner, this word should only be uttered by the submissive if he feels in danger or if he categorically refuses a punishment or a posture.

Now that we know the basics, let's get down to the nitty gritty and what you came to see: my tips, tricks and pro punishments!

Verbal humiliation

Metal chastity cage

Use humiliating language

When it comes to humiliation, verbal abuse is the best way to get your way. It is a common phenomenon in the life of the slave, as it goes hand in hand with submission. The goal is to make the male slave feel vulnerable, not good enough, put in his place, and ultimately totally degraded.

Humiliation is subjective

Think together about what each of you would or would not like to do, and then act on it. This is the only way to know what is truly humiliating to your slave. There is no satisfaction in having him wear sexy lingerie all the time if he loves to cross-dress. You have to make him do something that makes him feel ashamed, but internally turns him on tremendously. Fortunately, the male ego is so fragile and delicate that it will take almost no effort to break it down into submission. But that doesn't mean it won't be enjoyable.

Humiliate him with subtlety

If you're texting, emailing, or communicating in writing in general, address your slave by writing his or her name in lower case. This is a subtle humiliation that lets him know he is not worthy of a properly capitalized name.

Give him a feminine nickname

This act of feminization will serve to remind her of her inadequacy. If "slut" is too trite for you and you want to insult his manhood, go for Lopette, MiniDick, Micropenis, Femmelette, Merdasse, Sissy, Femme-Queue... and any other nickname that might humiliate him.

You can also fall back on faithful nicknames that men have used to address women for decades and even centuries. "sweetie," "darling," "cutie," and other similar nicknames commonly associated with. Just be sure to pronounce them in the most condescending way possible.

Exploiting all your flaws

Big belly

But why stop there? If your slave has problems with his appearance, humiliate him by pointing out each of his flaws. Too fat to see his cock, too skinny to fuck me properly, etc. Use every flaw he has (or thinks he has) against him. If he has homosexual tendencies, use them! Call him a slut, a cocksucker, or an asshole and prove that he is one.

Give his tiny sex a nickname

Don't forget the best part of verbal humiliation: dick nicknames. Personally, I consider "dick" to be a powerful word. It evokes particular emotions (just like the word "pussy"). That's why I never use it when I talk about my slave's penis. Instead, I use cute nicknames when I talk about that sad piece of soft meat. I suggest you do the same.

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