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When the man is in a chastity cage he must learn to have his prostate massaged 3/3

The massage of the prostate of submissive men

I believe in the procedure of "trafficking" male slaves. Some members of the Chastity Dungeon community may find it of interest. Male pleasure, from orgasm, occurs when there is a strong pulse as he expels semen. It is the muscle contractions that allow him to experience pleasure. If you want to deny pleasure, you need to find a way to reduce the strength of the contractions, while still extracting a discharge of semen. You may remember the discussion you had in high school or college about Pavlov and his dogs. He had conditioned them to salivate when they heard a bell ring. All animals, including humans, are subject to the same conditioning. You don't want your slave to salivate; you want him to orgasm by drinking his semen, rather than having a pleasurable orgasm. This will decrease the intensity of the pelvic flexion, while still allowing the semen to be released.

If you want to train your slave to produce this result, I suggest you start by always calling her "milking". You should also combine the ritual with Pavlovian conditioning.

Here's how to do it: RITUAL

It is important for conditioning to occur that consistent and recognizable cues are given to the subject. Once these are established in his mind, he will respond to the same stimuli in the same way every time. But, you can only get this conditioning/response reflex if the right kind of training is used.

To get a satisfactory result, I suggest that certain objects and words be used continuously during the conditioning ritual. Thereafter, the same items, actions and words will result in the same response. These items are

1) a rubber dishcloth,

2) a strap, rope, etc. to be used as a c&b device,

3) a rope, wrist restraints, etc. to secure the subject during training,

4) a nice container in which to store the above items,

5) a chair, hook, or other place where the procedure always takes place,

6) words used only when talking about this procedure.

The words should be "Milking time" for the day of the procedure, "Milking place" for the chair, hook or place where it is to take place, "Milking equipment" for the contents of the container mentioned in 4) above.

Dominatrix sado maso


Once a week, over a period of three months, the only sexual relief for the male must be the act of being "Milked". The procedure used is to allow him only the weakest muscle contractions when he reaches orgasm. Unless the slave is properly conditioned, he is likely to look for ways to increase his pleasure during the procedure. He will begin to tighten certain muscles at the appropriate time, allowing him to have stronger contractions and a more pleasurable orgasm. To acquire the ritual items, have the slave purchase all the "milking supplies" and a well finished box for storage. This box can be a nice locked tea box found in furniture stores in most shopping malls.

He should then be instructed to keep the box and its contents in a place of honor. Perhaps his Mistress would like him to keep a votive candle lit in front of him at all times. Or, she would like him to purchase an expensive silk cloth to cover the box. A chair (or a ceiling hook - if you like your slave to hang on his toes) or other place should be established as the "milking place." It should be used exclusively for this procedure.

You want the subject to develop a strong association with the location and equipment. The Mistress should wear a rubber glove on her "Milking Hand" during the procedure. Through the sight and smell of the rubber, she will mentally associate the glove with the act of having an unsatisfying orgasm. Once he is fully conditioned, when he is held in the "Milking Place", the mere act of the Mistress placing the glove on his hand may cause him to drip drool.

During conditioning, a "Milking Time" must be established. It must be the same day of the week, and at the same time. The slave's reflexes are thus trained by his anticipation of the approaching milking time. He knows what must happen and learns to produce what his mistress expects and desires.

The move to action!

At the scheduled milking time, the slave must prepare the "milking place" and hand over the box containing the "milking equipment" to her mistress. It is important that she uses these terms, reinforcing her association with them, and the procedure. It


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