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When the man is in a chastity cage he must learn to have his prostate massaged 1/3

If your mistress is dead set on not allowing you to have a pleasurable orgasm, she may want to give you a prostate milking every month. Many dominant women do this to their husbands in order to clean their plumbing without allowing them the pleasure of an orgasm.

The best way to have a prostate orgasm is to insert a latex gloved finger into her anus and find the prostate gland and massage it. If done correctly, you will release the semen that has built up in your penis.

It's like an orgasm, except it's not intense. The semen just flows out in a long stream, instead of gushing out like during an orgasm. If she really wants to deprive you of pleasure, she can numb your penis and balls with an ice pack before performing a prostate treatment.

I allow my husband to have occasional orgasms, but they are done in a humiliating way and for my pleasure. Perhaps your wife could do this instead of prostate milking. Let her know what her options are and let her decide how she would prefer you to get your rare release. I hope this helps. Your wife is right in that a frustrated husband is an obedient husband. A sexually satisfied husband is a lazy husband. Sex is for the woman's pleasure.

Recent studies in Australia suggest that men who masturbate regularly while in their 20s may have a better chance of avoiding prostate cancer later in life. There's never been a better reason to masturbate!

Prostate milking

Prostate Milking and Chastity

Given the above, perhaps men locked in chastity cages should benefit from regular milking to help maintain good prostate health. Milking can help "flush out" the buildup of toxins that accumulate in a chaste man's prostate by allowing him to ejaculate without experiencing an orgasm.

Prostate massage can be used for two purposes:

Intensify the orgasm and increase the amount of ejaculation. In this case, you or your key holder would release yourself from your chastity device and, while simulating the prostate, tease, excite and arouse your/their cock.

Massage a man's prostate dry, while denying him orgasm.

Chastity trafficking is about denying orgasm, ejaculation without orgasm. The technique used is the same as that of prostate massage, with the only difference being that the penis must not be aroused or aroused by touch, and usually remains locked in the chastity belt or cage. This is something many keyholders like to introduce, and now, with the news of the Australian study, your keyholder can insist that it's for the sake of your health. You have no reason to refuse!

Prostate treatment sometimes involves your keyholder placing ice around your cock and balls to reduce your pleasure. Inventive mistresses and masters have even designed homemade ice trays to freeze water in the shape of a thick ice cube cock ring, which the chaste man must wear during the weekly milking session.

How long does prostate milking last?

The milking session usually lasts between 10 and 40 minutes, and consists of a pleasant gentle massage of the prostate. After about 10 minutes, you will begin to release fluid that has a sensation similar to that of slow urination, after continuous massage, the fluid flows freely. This fluid then becomes the property of your keyholder, and can be collected by dropping from you into a jar, cup or saucer. Some keyholders will insist that you then consume your own ejaculate, to demonstrate your slave status, that you are humble and fully appreciate your keyholder.

Of course, another method of ensuring your prostate health, which your keyholder may prefer to adopt, is simply to release you from your chastity device and ask you to masturbate until you ejaculate. This method is preferred by many keyholders who enjoy watching their chaste man masturbate for them.


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