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To get started in chastity choose; academy of chastity everything you need to know 4/4


If you can wear it for several hours without any of your testicles slipping out of the ring, the ring is correctly sized and doing its job.

Another way to test is to put your index or middle finger between the ring and your skin. You should be able to get your finger to the first joint under the band. If you can't do this, it's probably too tight.

If you're not sure what the right fit is for your dick, most of our chastity cages come with several ring sizes for experimentation, including resin and plastic models.

Is my cage too long?

It can be exciting to have a cage that is slightly larger than your dick, so your mistress can watch your little bird swell in her cage. Although this adds extra eroticism to the chastity scenario in the short term. It also puts a lot of pressure on the main ring, and will result in your testicles being pulled forward.

A perfectly fitting cage will avoid this phenomenon, the penis will not have any free space and will not be able to harden and pull your bursa forward.


When your chastity device fits perfectly, the hole or slit at the end of the cage lines up perfectly with your urethra. This allows you to urinate easily and comfortably without worrying about getting it everywhere.

If the cage is too long, the urethra tends to "wander", meaning it doesn't always line up with the hole in the cage when you urinate. In addition to causing toilet messes, some urine gets trapped in the cage. Trapped urine can cause chafing, increase the risk of infection and cause a foul odor despite good morning hygiene.

Our measuring guide advises you to have a tube length between ¼ and ½ times shorter than the length of your fully flaccid penis.

Soft silicone chastity cage

Is wearing a chastity cage for a long time dangerous to your health?

As long as you follow proper hygiene and safety precautions, it is absolutely safe for your health.

There are a number of myths and a great deal of incorrect information regarding the effects of long-term or permanent male chastity. Wearing a long-term penis cage is safe and healthy as long as you keep it clean and can remove it in case of a medical emergency.

In addition to cleanliness, it should fit properly and comfortably. A partner in a cage should immediately inform the owner if he/she experiences any pain or discomfort.

Can I become impotent because of male chastity?

ImpotenceTruth: None of these effects have been recorded. Professional urologists have studied the issue extensively and have found no negative effects of permanent chastity. Many men have been caged for many years and are still able to maintain stable, long-lasting erections, achieve orgasm and urinate normally.Myth: Long-term wearing of a chastity cage or belt will result in erectile dysfunction, difficulty peeing or other penile functioning problems

Will my sex shrink over time?

Myth: Long-term or permanent chastity can shrink the size of my penis.

Truth: Every situation is different. Some men report a decrease in penis size after years of abstinence in a cage, while others have not detected any changes.

It is possible, however, that prolonged periods of confinement over several months may cause some shrinkage of the corpus cavernum (erectile tissue of the penis) due to disuse.

If you are concerned that this may happen to you, talk to your owner. He will probably agree to a night of release. He will probably allow you to have ruined orgasms as an exception.


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