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To get started in chastity choose academy of chastity everything you need to know 1/4

When you are new to the world of chastity, there are many points to know in order to support a cage or a chastity belt in the best conditions, and especially on the long term. Abstinence is the primary goal of such a device.

The 6 important points for a good daily use of the chastity cage:

Keep a clean cage:

Your hygiene should be a priority when you get up in the morning. It is imperative when you are caged to shower daily. An unclean cock cage can quickly develop unwanted odors that will drive your master away.

Chastity hygiene

Most modern cages have many holes and slots for quick and efficient cleaning. Stainless steel cages are the most hygienic, their spaced bars allow your fingers to pass inside, they will be able to decalcify your glans and evacuate the potential impurities. Other types of cages such as plastic or silicone chastity cages can be cleaned directly on the subject using moistened cotton swabs, previously soaped. Simply insert them through the small holes or slits and make circles on the surface of your skin.

If the skin of your sex is very dry, a moisturizer can be applied in the same way.Be sure to dry the cage thoroughly after bathing or showering. Moisture trapped inside the penis cage for a long time is the main cause of unpleasant odors, infections and rashes. A hair dryer applied at low power is ideal for quick drying.

For a simple rinse, a showerhead with high pressure is a quick and effective way to remove sweat, urine or other fluids remaining inside your chastity device. If your showerhead is fixed, a mister or spray bottle filled with warm scented water will do the trick.

Metal chastity cage

Lubricate your penis:

Lubricant can make putting on your chastity cage a lot easier, especially for the first time. However, not all lubricants are equal in terms of usage and quality. When putting on the chastity cage, it is advisable to use only baby oil or a water-based lubricant. Non-water-based lubricants are sticky and difficult to clean out of the cage. They can even cause the cage to stick to your skin.

As with soap and moisturizer, be sure to use warm water to thoroughly clean the lubricant or oil from the cage. In fact they should only be used for cage placement. Many chastity cage users claim to use lubricant daily to make the cage more comfortable, this is actually harmful to the skin which can become permanently damp and encourage bacterial growth. The need to reapply lube is a warning sign of an ill-fitting cock cage. The cage should be smooth and comfortable and not rubbing even without the use of lube or baby oil.

Remove the cage temporarily:

Ideally it is advisable to release your slave from his cell every 3 to 7 days for a cleaning session. If you don't trust your slave, feel free to stay by his side during the cleaning. You can also tie him up and wash his penis and cage yourself. This will prevent your submissive from struggling when locking him up.

Chastity releaseDuring the release period, be sure to clean the cage and penis thoroughly. The cage can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water or a specialized adult toy cleaner.Once the chastity cage is removed, check the penis and testicles for signs of discoloration, rubbing, cuts, bruising or irritation. Small wounds can occur during long periods of abstinence. If anything seems abnormal and the dominate is in pain, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Many caged men prefer to shave their genitals to avoid trapping pubic hair in the cage. Shaving the genital area can cause ingrown hairs, redness and irritation. If you think your submissive deserves long-term abstinence but has not shaved his sex for a long time. Wait for his body to get used to shaving before putting him in the cage, or the irritation may get worse.

Nighttime erections in a chastity cage:

Myth: Wearing a chastity device overnight can cause intense pain as the sex involuntarily becomes erect several times a night


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