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to combine chastity cage and hygiene 2/2

Now, no matter what your daily cleaning schedule is, we recommend removing your chastity device weekly for a thorough cleaning. If you've been using your chastity cage for a long time and think you can keep it up, you can try it and see how it goes, but at the first sign of rash, itching or unpleasant odors, you'll need to remove it. No excuses. Perhaps you could try extending it for a few days at a time. On the first day, take it off to clean it, then spend two days taking it off on the third day - keep this routine a few times, then add an extra day.

What you need to do each time you remove the chastity cage is to immediately inspect the parts you missed when cleaning so you know what to focus on when you cage clean. Some people find that they suffer from a bit of guilt and shame when they ask to have their cage removed because they feel they are not being faithful to the chastity life. No. There is absolutely no shame, embarrassment, or even guilt to be felt if you ask to be released from the bdsm cage for hygiene reasons. The fact is, even if you are in a submissive role, your Keyholder should never deny you your basic rights to hygiene. After all, it benefits them too!

Spai nétoiyant

However, we recommend that you remove it every week. To do this, you will need to be supervised. Your Keyholder may be there to shower with you, or to watch you, or he/she may ask that the door be left open and will randomly enter to check on you, so if he/she finds you in a position that compromises the chastity life, you will be punished. The weekly deep and thorough cleansing serves several purposes. First, it will help you clean the areas you may have overlooked or not been able to reach during your daily cleaning, including the skin, as well as the inside and outside of your chastity device. Next, you can inspect your penis to ensure that the tension of the penis cage is not causing irritation, stress to the penis, or causing scratches, marks or damage to your genitals.

Do a thorough inspection, from the base of the penis to the balls, and all along the penis. Ask your key holder to inspect the underside of the penis for you, or you may need to get a mirror to avoid temptation (or he may be planning to tease you). If you have any cuts, scrapes, marks that shouldn't be there, you should immediately stop using the chastity cage until the skin has healed. At this point, you can try a skin ointment, skin care or skin softener to make sure everything stays smooth. However, you'll need to have the ability to massage it completely, otherwise you'll have patches of oily skin that won't do anyone any good, which could even transfer to the chastity cage and damage it depending on the material. So, if you're going to do something like that, you need to make sure that you're very careful and make sure that you remove all the substances before you put it back on. Make sure you scrub everything, and we mean everything. The front, the back and all the sides. You need to remove any dead skin cells and bacteria that may have been hiding during your regular daily cleaning.

Shaving time!

While you are not locked up and handcuffed, ask your key holder if they will let you shave. This is the best time to shave, as it is much easier than trying to move around in the machine. However, we recommend that you cut yourself rather than shave completely, as the itching and reactions caused by hair regrowth can be particularly annoying when you are wearing the device. Once you've cleaned the device and your genitals, you'll need to make sure everything is dry, completely dry. Once everything is completely dry, spray with a good quality antibacterial spray. Such cleaners have antimicrobial activity to fight microorganisms, infections and growth develop, and a decent disinfectant will make all the difference. Trust me on this one! Wipe it down again and put it back in place.


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