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The Sissy we meet on the academy of chastity Definition of a Sissy 3/3

Take care of your language

Becoming a Chastity Sissy means embracing femininity in all aspects of life. This also includes language. Also, since you are naturally submissive, you need to make sure you only respond to the names your Keyholder chooses for you.

Also, never think of yourself as a man. This is a common sense rule, but perhaps we should repeat it for you, your useless, worthless boy cliché does not make you a man! You're nothing but a gorgeous female Sissy, so make sure you refer to yourself as such.

Nicknames and pet names

Most dominatrixes have their favorite nicknames and pet names for their submissive Sissies. They range from vulgar bitch, slut, whore, toy girl, etc., to more chastity-oriented nicknames, like micro penis, small dick. As far as nicknames go, the only limit is your imagination.

Plastic chastity cage

How to have sex with a Sissy

Consent first

Since you will not be allowed to cum or get any sexual satisfaction for a long time (sometimes even weeks or months), you will be extremely desperate. As we said, this will put you in a particularly conciliatory mood. This is why you may be more open to suggestions or experimentation with things you wouldn't normally do.

This is where a contract or traditional BDSM negotiations will come in handy. Cowards are generally open to anything that will release them and/or satisfy their Keyholder. However, the keyholder should not take advantage of this. Even if you are sane, you both need to agree on strict boundaries.

A humiliating and exciting relationship

Sissy humiliationFor sure, as good obedient sluts, you'll need to train and stretch your anus regularly, so that your master can insert his big penis as well as large Plugs with ease.Traditionally, Sissy never penetrate their dominant. Traditionally, Sissies never penetrate their dominant. Their penises are caged, so the only way they can have intercourse is through anal penetration.

To facilitate sex, a Sissy must be comfortable with the use of sex toys, for the pleasure of her mistress. The owner can use dildos, vibrators and even straps to give his bitch what she wants most: a good cock job. After experiencing one or two prostate orgasms following a long period of denial, you'll quickly forget about these small, barely perceptible orgasms that come from penis stimulation.

With your permission, a third party can join you to spice up the sex. If it's a man, expect double anal penetration. He will probably ask for oral sex and anilingus as foreplay.

If the third party is a woman, your master will fuck her savagely in front of your eyes to make you jealous. If your partner feels sorry for you, she will allow you to penetrate a sexdoll, just to remind you of the sensation of cumming in a vagina.

Check out

Even if you can never reach the heights of femininity, you can still be a good Sissy. What's more, you might even manage to be more delicate and submissive than most women.

But there's more to it than just looking feminine. Satisfying your Keyholder, obeying his every command, and generally being docile and flexible are things you should strive for. Chastity is both an ideal hobby and a full-time lifestyle.

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