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The Sissy we meet on the academy of chastity Definition of a Sissy 2/3

Accessorize your Sissy outfit

Sissy Humiliation pinkWhatever type of outfit you choose to wear, whether it's a single thread panty or a full-on feminine outfit with skirt and blouse, you need to accessorize it. A pair of high heels is a great way to make yourself look more feminine. Women love to wear heels, so cross-dressing submissives should love them just as much, if not more. In addition to being beautiful, heels are a form of torture that you must endure in your quest for femininity.

Padded bras or silicone breastplates will make your body more shapely, and a garter belt combined with nylon-covered legs will make you look like a lingerie model. Or, better yet, a picture-perfect Sissy!

You should also make sure to apply your makeup carefully and thoroughly, prefer a softer rosy-cheeked makeup rather than a harsh one. You can also learn how to contour to soften your features. You can even make your Adam's apple disappear!

In addition to makeup, a true Sissy will always be freshly shaved or waxed before a domination session. Hairy women are a hindrance, so an obedient Sissy must look as feminine as her mistress. This means not only shaving for soft skin that silk slides easily over, but also growing out her hair or wearing wigs. Hair accessories, such as flower crowns and headbands, are also a good idea.

A Sissy to a humiliating behavior is devoted

Transforming a pitiful male into a beautiful and subservient slut requires more than just clothing. To be a perfect slave, you have to act like a lady and be totally obedient to your dominatrix.

Metal chastity cage

Be obedient and shy

The best Sissies are very submissive. They respond to their Keyholder's every request and live up to their demands. Also, they should never make decisions on their own because their mistress knows what's best for her submissive man.

A transvestite submissive must be obedient in private as well as in public. You must always respect and submit to those who are better than you. Be shy and polite in public. Never interrupt your Keyholder when they are talking. Don't even think about disobeying them.

Speak only when asked.

It is unthinkable that a cute little girl has a deep voice. Therefore, make sure to keep your voice as high as possible. Deep, manly voices are outlawed for Sissies.

In addition to intonation, make sure you speak softly. Of course, only speak when asked a question. Obedience is rule number one when you are a submissive man.

Walk in heels

Sissy heelDuring naughty parties, you'll probably still be in heels. So, make sure you practice walking in them so you can be poised and graceful like a real lady. You don't want to look like a newborn giraffe.

A good Sissy is always careful

Sissies need to watch what they eat to stay slender and elegant. If your owner allows meals during play, be sure to sit at the table with good posture and place a napkin on your lap. Take small, delicate bites and chew with your mouth closed. The ladies aren't mean, the Sissies shouldn't be either.

Sitting doesn't just apply at the table. If you need to relieve yourself, remember that girls sit when they pee. After all, with your tiny sex, it will be impossible for you to aim straight.

A Sissy's lifestyle doesn't stop at sex

Every submissive man has to take on all the traditional female household chores. Cleaning, cooking and ironing should be yours by default. Even if your Keyholder doesn't order you to do them, you need to make sure they are your responsibility.

Also, if your supervisor gives you time off, make sure you fill it with feminine tasks. Check your makeup, do your hair and give yourself a makeover in one of your many delicate outfits.


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