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The Sissy we meet on the academy of chastity Definition of a Sissy 1/3

"Sissy" is an English term that means "wet hen". Beyond this simple expression, it is a real art of living, it is a way for many men to show their desires of submission within their couples. These men find their pleasure in humiliation and letting go, obeying to satisfy their master or mistress remains their only obsession.

Living as a transvestite slut requires effort. Here are the best tips to become a delicate Sissy!

Become a humiliating Sissy through chastity

Chastity is a primarily male fantasy, so it's no wonder most Sissies are caged. Whether it's a one-time commitment or permanent, chastity is ideal for humiliation. Impotence is one of the most demeaning things for a man.

Wearing a chastity cage can be both delightfully restrictive and liberating. It will prevent you from becoming overly aroused and having orgasms. Plus, it can temporarily shrink your penis, making you even more feminine.

A pink cage for total humiliation

Sissy chastity cage

A dedicated Sissy should always strive to be as feminine, desirable and sexy as possible. Total feminization is the ultimate goal. You can't go wrong with pink, it is undeniably the most feminine color out there. Whether it's fuchsia, bright or light, it will enhance your femininity and make you look softer and more graceful.

Of course, there are chastity devices in every color, but nothing can beat pink. Pink chastity cages will shrink your unnecessarily long dick and turn it into a delicious little pink bird.

Pink is a soft color that has a calming effect. It also reminds of kindness, tenderness and is a symbol of female obedience. It is a happy, vibrant and, of course, feminine color, all qualities that a willing slut should strive to acquire.

A Sissy always decorates her chastity cage

But why stop there? You can accessorize your chastity cage with, jewelry, pink, purple, lavender ribbons, and even engrave your slut name on it.

If a pink cage with sequins and rainbows seems to be the epitome of femininity, it's not enough. To complete your transformation into a Sissy, you'll need to pay attention to what you wear and how you act and speak. Being a Sissy is a 24/7 task. If you want to be a real slut, you'll have to get to work!

A Sissy dresses in a stylish and humiliating way

Now that you've chosen the most beautiful cage, you need to choose the rest of your outfit. In addition to being very feminine, it will need to be as sexy and elegant as possible.

Coordinate your clothes

Sissy humiliation girl

Sissy fashion is all about visual impact. Your outfit should match the color of your cage. You need to repel anything masculine about yourself: your body, your mind, and your wardrobe. The right mindset will allow you to go much further than a simple pink sequined outfit.

This is not to say that you don't need such an outfit. On the contrary, clothes are an important part of your slutty personality. Whenever possible, avoid masculine clothing. Even if you succumb to the pressures of a more vain environment, make sure you always carry at least one or two items of clothing that remind you of who you are: a Sissy

For example, if you have a job that requires you to wear men's clothing, you can wear silky soft lingerie underneath. Of course, wearing your pink chastity cage is mandatory.

The importance of fabrics

When choosing outfits for your BDSM sessions, you can choose some yourself or ask your Keyholder to choose them for you. After all, you must be an obedient little girl who strives to please her mistress. So, if she wants to see you in pink lace or soft silk, you must comply.

Lace, silk, satin, velvet are the very feminine fabrics. So, if you are choosing outfits for yourself, we suggest you don't stray too far from these textures. Satin panties that will delicately hold your caged bird, paired with soft lace bras or figure-sculpting velvet corsets will make you look sexy and feminine.


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