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The history of the chastity cage through the centuries until today with on 4/4

However, a quick Google search reveals that some religious extremist parents still hold Victorian views on the dangers of allowing their children to masturbate.

The modern chastity cage in BDSM

We started with a beautiful fiction in the Middle Ages with female chastity belts, then turned it into a horrible reality with the male chastity cage, but where are we now?

Male Metal Chastity CageAbstinence can be temporary during erotic play, or permanent to ensure partner fidelity within the couple. These male chastity devices range from simple non-locking silicone sheaths to heavy-duty stainless steel chastity cages with tamper-proof internal locks.Today, most men who wear a chastity cage or chastity belt do so either because they want to or because their dominant partner demands it. They are produced entirely for consenting adults who are interested in BDSM, orgasm denial, abstinence and putting their sex life in the hands of a dominant partner.

Since the internet exists, online sales have totally revolutionized the world of chastity. Many people who do not know the environment of the domination-submission can immerse themselves easily, and even buy a panoply of sexual accessories in all discretion. At we offer the widest range of cage in Europe. There are all materials: metal, plastic, resin, silicone, leather (soon) and many accessories more or less perverse that can fit. Like urethra plugs, electro-stimulation membranes, anti-return spikes, testicle separators...

Chastity cages for men and women are produced by companies all over the world. Nowadays, statistics show that 80% of chastity device buyers are men.


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