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The chastity belt big brother of the chastity cage 1/2

This barbaric instrument, which was thought to be reserved for museums and other "medieval" exhibitions, is enjoying a second youth. Do not confuse cage and chastity belt. The cage is a more or less sophisticated object reserved for men and placed on their sex. The belt, as its name indicates, is placed around the waist of the man or woman.

It is difficult to classify it as a sex toy, yet it has an important place in some erotic games. It is always also used to ensure the fidelity of his or her partner during travel but remains the preferred instrument of BDSM enthusiasts.

Chastity belts are therefore selling extremely well, whether for women or men. tells you everything, the advantages, disadvantages and tips.

Let's start with a little history on the chastity belt before getting to the practical side

Contrary to popular belief, the chastity belt did not exist in the Middle Ages! It actually dates back to the Renaissance. A lai of Marie de France, which says that her companion places a belt around his beautiful, has created confusion, while it is only a symbolic and loving link. However, the skeleton of a woman buried in the sixteenth century was found wearing this metal protection.

The chastity belt was not created for unfaithful women but against sexual aggression, commonplace during travel or wars, when cities or castles were sacked. Finally, it was also used to prevent young girls from indulging in solitary pleasures. The male chastity belt, invented in the 19th century, was based on the same "moral" and so-called "medical" idea, since masturbation was supposed to make people deaf and crazy.

Nowadays, there are religious movements advocating chastity, which appeal to some preconceived ideas, and to the systematic exploitation of fear, and to an artistic blurring of definitions... Generally, the term chastity designates abstinence from both sexual intercourse and masturbation. It is the behavior valued by the religious that is tried to impose on young people. When it comes to couples legitimized by religion or society, chastity corresponds to fidelity, chaste spouses do not have relations outside of marriage, and observe the various prohibitions of their religion regarding their sexual behavior.

The intrusion of a power into the private sphere is in itself an abuse of power that allows itself to limit sexual freedom. (Yes but there are volunteers!!!)


What is the principle that governs the wearing of the chastity belt? It is simple: the control of sexuality and, for those who wear it, the pleasure of abandonment. Only the other person has the right to decide when you can use your own sex.

Some women like to wear the chastity belt in front of their husbands, or in their absence. The excitement oscillates between the feeling of submission and belonging and then the frustration that increases the sensations tenfold.

This imposed chastity is part of more or less advanced sexual games. It is a decision, an order of the partner, and the one who wears the belt submits to the "deprivation of orgasm" and can last several weeks for the belt! (Several months for the chastity cage).

Practical side

The chastity belt is not very comfortable, it is restrictive and reminds the person who wears it all day and even at night. However, despite these disadvantages, its followers love it, a bit like those who, in ancient times, used to wear a cilice.

Effectiveness of the metal chastity belt IF it is well adjusted:

1°) ATTENTION AT THE PURCHASE to measure well its size.

2°) Then the adjustments are ultra important and imperative. It takes a few hours of tests and adjustments to refine so that the chastity belt molds the body well without irritating it. So put it on, move around, sit down, walk around and then adjust it again. It must mold perfectly and tighten to the body without excess.

3°) How to adjust your chastity belt

- Remove the silicone protection and adjust the size

- Remove the silicone protection and adjust the crotch

For the crotch adjustments, you can play in front and behind on the "string" part.

Think that there will then be the thickness of the silicone band.


You think it is well adjusted? Be careful!

Do not cut all the silicone protection strips. Leave a little margin even if it is inconvenient. Try the belt for 24 hours before cutting it precisely, because you will have to come back to the adjustments to refine them.

The extra screws provided: they are for reinforcement AND in case you lose some. Keep everything including the silicone strips you cut out. The person may grow a little and need them.


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