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Security and chastity maculine the advice of 1/3

The security in chastity is about the same as in the standard chastity game. However, the most difficult part will be the lack of a keyholder. If you choose not to engage with a Keyholder (or even if you do), it's a good idea to have some backups to avoid temptation. The key is the most important part of male chastity. It's what will set you free and it's what denies you pleasure and freedom. When you are in a physical relationship with a key holder, denying the key is pretty simple. Your key holding partner will hold the key, hide it and use it as he or she sees fit. Regardless of your situation, however, we recommend reading this page to find uses and places for the spare key! When you're not in a relationship or using a Keyholer, holding the key gets a little trickier. It has to be something unusual or hard to get to so you don't succumb to the temptation to use your key. To do this, you need to make your key as inaccessible as possible. Here are some ways and ideas you could use, or your partner could use.

Hide the key

hide the key

in a public place. Ideally, you don't want to hide it in a place that is open 24/7, as you will be able to easily retrieve your key. Places to consider might be, under the carpet in a library or in a seldom used section, somewhere in a mall, or maybe in your gym locker where there is no 24 hour access. You see, the more restrictive the stash hours are, the harder it will be for you to retrieve it. If you use an option like this, you may want to get a backup key in case your first key is found by accident.

Bury the key

You may want to bury the key at a bus stop near your home, you may want to bury it near a landmark, or you may like to walk on the bus and you may find a secluded spot where you can bury it. You can also bury it near a farmhouse, a tree, a fence post or just about anywhere you want. As long as it's some distance to get there. Burying it in the country can be difficult, especially if your area is prone to bad weather.

A glass bottle

Glass bottle

can serve as a key container. Simply plug the neck with items that cannot be removed or melt the neck after inserting the key. Basically, it's the idea that the bottle must be broken so that the key can be removed. Then the bottle will be a great container if the key needs to be buried somewhere, as the glass won't break anytime soon. (Please do not put it in a cardboard box)

Hiding the key at work

keyboard and key

You work there, you know all the little hiding places where you can keep things, and where people won't look. If you put it in a safe or uncomfortable situation at work, not only will you probably not remove the chastity device until you get home. Also, if your workplace isn't open 24 hours a day or you don't have a key, you won't have access all day.

Bury it in a friend's yard

without their knowledge. Or hide it in their house or garage. Not only will you have to endure the torment of going to them when you're in a chastity cage, but you won't be able to visit them and leave immediately, which means there will either be awkward explanations or hardships you'll have to go through.

Give your friends

Give the key to a friend

a spare set of keys with the key on it. This works well if you view chastity as a long-term thing, as you can't use the excuse of forgetting your keys.

In all of these situations, it's best to keep a second spare key, just in case. For example, if your friend goes on vacation without telling you, you'll definitely be in trouble if you left the key at their house. Always make sure you have backup plans, then make sure you have backup plans for backup plans. It may seem tedious and annoying, but you won't regret it.


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