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Scientific functioning of domination and chastity 1/2

Neurobiology allows us to understand in a scientific way this felt need of male chastity. How a chaste man feels pleasure in constraint. Where does this intense devotion come from? Why a couple who has adopted the chastity cage can no longer do without it? And why does a chaste man feel naked when he is not wearing the cage?

Male chastity within the couple has many advantages, here is the scientific explanation. The relationship between the brain, orgasm and male chastity is real. Source

This article is based on the post "Male Chastity - Pleasure and Devotion, the Science Behind It"

I've been doing some reading on the science of sex, with a particular interest in studies on orgasm. I've been looking for answers to a lot of questions about my own reaction to chastity, such as:

Why am I in such a good mood during my periods of chastity?

When I have an orgasm, why is it so intense, lasts a long time, and is so different from the ones before?

Why do I have this intense feeling of devotion to my wife, wanting to help and serve her?

What is the reason why I lose this intense devotion with the orgasm? And, why does it take me several days, even weeks, to regain the same level of devotion as before the orgasm?

Why is my wife so much more enthusiastic when we make love than before my chastity experience?

Why does my wife seem to be in a much better mood than before, ready for new experiences, more intimate and playful even when we don't have sex?

I kept these questions in my mind, without really looking for answers until one day I decided to seriously look into it. I was baffled by this mysterious post-orgasmic release leading to withdrawal after sex. This famous "post-ejaculatory depression" that always put a temporary end to my devotion to my wife. This made me curious. Why does this devotion never get past the orgasm and does not last permanently?

The loss of devotion after orgasm

One day I discovered an excellent blog,, written by Sarah Jameson. It is a mine of good advice, wisdom and feedback on male chastity; which she has been practicing as a couple, with her husband, for many years. She describes the gradual increase in the length of time between orgasms for her husband, John. From a monthly orgasm, to one every three or four months, to one every seven months, to the point of considering extending it to a year or more... With the eventuality of a permanent orgasm ban!

Sarah has also written a book on male chastity "Be Careful What You Wish For" A great compilation of her thoughts, experiences and advice on whether male chastity is for you. She also gives many tips to help you introduce it into your relationship.

One point she addresses is her thoughts on her intention to extend the duration of her husband's chastity. Her reasoning is logical, mathematical. She observed that her husband lost all devotion and desire after an orgasm, and that it took him between 7-10 days of abstinence to regain them. So, by releasing him once a month, they were losing between 3 to 4 months per year of devotion.

This observation of "loss of devotion" after orgasm and the euphoric state during chastity coincided with my own experience. So I asked myself; what would be the best length of chastity for me? In my own experience, my longest period without an orgasm was 18 days; and, I remember my eagerness for release. I wondered if - and how - I should extend these periods?

The role of hormones in sexuality

I began my research by trying to understand the mood changes that occurred after an orgasm. And, more specifically, after a long period of chastity. Through my research, I realized that human moods depend on the presence, concentration or absence of certain hormones. The biochemical mechanisms are well known. And, they provide all the answers not only to the change of mood, of attitude related to chastity; but also to many other questions that I had not thought of.


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