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Man is happy in chastity cage and denied orgasm 3/3

A strict position:

Once done, I go to the lobby just inside the front door. I kneel down, head down, waiting for him to arrive. I always try to be in place by 5:30, in case he goes home early for some reason. Until I hear his key in the lock, I'm allowed to relax a bit and sit back on my heels. But as soon as I hear it, I must immediately change my posture by clenching my fingers behind my head, kneeling on the floor. I have to keep my head down and my eyes fixed on my chastity cage. I must push my elbows back and keep them raised to the level of my ears, raise my chest, push out my pecs, and clench my stomach. My heels should be together, my thighs spread as wide as possible, and my butt should not touch my heels but should be lifted just a little higher. It's not easy to hold this position without my leg muscles aching. I am always very grateful when the Master says "You can relax and present". This means that I am allowed to bring my ass back on my heels while keeping the rest of my body unchanged. It may sound strange, but knowing exactly what is expected of me at any given time without me having to think about it makes my life so much easier.

Skeleton on my kneesThen he leaves, still leaving me on my knees. As my muscles start to protest, I realize that he is hurting me to get pleasure. I knew then that despite my aching cock and balls, there was very little chance of me coming tonight.Finally, just before the clock struck 6pm, I heard the master key in the lock. I immediately get into the right position. He opens the door and walks in. As my eyes stare at my closed tail, I don't see his face. He ignores me and walks past. I hear him enter the house. I assume he is taking his luggage to his room. I wait impatiently for his return. Was he ignoring me, was he mad at me? Did I screw up somehow? My legs were starting to get sore. I hear ice cubes clinking in a glass and The Master doesn't come back. I wait, my mind going crazy. Finally, he returns, I still feel his presence in front of me. He leans down and pats my head saying "it's good to be home, "boy it was quite a trip".

But then again, I am his slave, what else should I expect....

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