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Man is happy in chastity cage and denied orgasm 1/3

As I'm in the shower washing up, my attention is almost immediately drawn to the chastity belt that keeps my cock safe. I've always been careful to clean my chastity belt and my cock properly to maintain good hygiene. Every time I shower I can still see myself touching my velvety soft cock, it slowly starts to harden as I clean it. Unfortunately these sensations are now only psychic, I haven't had an orgasm in a long time. Despite everything, this thought comes to my mind as often as ever and pushes me to try to do more, but of course, it's not possible. My useless dick stretches helplessly against the chastity device that my master has offered me.

Male chastity shower

I step out of the shower and towel off. At the same time, I take a look in the mirror. I tell myself that I look like any 24 year old. I look young for my age. People usually mistake me for someone who is still in high school. I'm barely 5'10", with short blonde hair and blue eyes. My body is well toned like any other young person my age. But that's where the similarity ends...

Very few 24 year old men have no body hair, a shaved head and a chain tied around their neck with a lock. Very few of them have rings welded into their nipples. And very few of them wear a plastic chastity cage at all times. But my Master is happy with me and that's all that matters.


Enough talking, it's time to work. Today, my Master is out of town since he has to travel for work. When he is not here, I am never allowed to act differently. I try to always think that he could walk in at any time and inspect me. I have to put the anal plug back on that I took off while I clean myself up, take a shit, and shower. I lubricate it and bend over, slowly working it into my hole. Once, long ago, it felt huge, now I feel empty without it. Just like my chastity cage, he has become a companion since my master came into my life five years ago now. Yes, I've had my ass plugged and my dick locked up for five years already, after all this time, it feels natural. I wouldn't know what to do if they weren't there to constantly remind me of my duties.

The presence of the master in my life

I go back into the room to make sure everything is in order. I had already folded the blanket, and placed the small pillow under it, my master's bed was near. I am not allowed to touch it while he is away on business. I can't sleep in his bed, unless he is home and I am invited. Otherwise, I sleep on the floor at the foot of his bed. I get a small pillow and a sheet, that's all. I'm his slave after all, what else would I expect. Everything in the room seemed ready for my Master, nothing came out of the place.

A strict outfit:

Resin chastity cageAfter I finish, I go to the hall closet to dress for work. In the closet, I have a box and 5 hangers. I only have one pair of boxers (leather), master says that's enough for a totally naked slave all day long. I have shorts, a t-shirt, a pair of Levi 501s and a pair of sneakers. These are for when he has to take me somewhere for the weekend. I also have my two work uniforms. These consist of black pants, and white shirts. The pants are just tight enough to show my ass, but just loose enough to not be vulgar at work. The shirts are just tight and fitted enough to show off my beautiful body as well as my nipple rings. In addition to that, I have a black belt, four pairs of socks, a pair of black shoes, and a regular jockstrap that I am allowed to wear under my uniform pants to keep my chastity cage from showing. I also have a suit and tuxedo that I am sometimes allowed to wear when accompanying the master to an event where he wants a companion on his arm.


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