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Know everything about chastity cages before choosing the services of 4/4

How long can you wear a penis cage?

Chastity cages, unlike many other sex toys, can be worn for much longer periods of time. Some men even like to wear them "permanently" over several years.

Contrary to popular belief, even during long-term wear you should still remove the cage from time to time to clean it and inspect for potential redness and irritation. Besides these precautions, you can keep it as long as you want!

Are penis cages painful to wear?

A very common concern for men considering wearing a chastity cage is whether or not it will be painful. Again, there is no clear, single answer to this question.

Pain during erection:

As the penis hardens, it fills the cage to the point that it bulges against the body. This can be very painful. When this happens, it usually means that your cage is a little too small. By having a slightly longer tube, your penis will have room to grow, but it will still remain contained in the cage since the width of the tube is not expandable.

This can be especially bad at night, when men have much less control over their erections. While you can get away with careful positioning, many men simply remove the cage at night.

You won't be doing anything with your penis while you sleep anyway, and removing the cage eliminates the risk of a painful erection (or even rolling over and ending up in a painful position). In the morning, you can put the cage back on.

Pain from rubbing:

This problem occurs when the ring (cockring) of the cage is too large. As you move around during the day, it rubs against your skin, causing skin irritation and rubbing where the ring is located.

An easy solution to this problem is lubrication. By regularly adding a small amount to the area where the ring touches your skin, you'll allow it to move much more freely without rubbing, which will reduce the irritation it causes. Some people even prefer to use a moisturizer, as it treats the skin underneath and allows the ring to move.

Key holding services

Keyholding services are for people who still want to enjoy their confinement, but do not have a mistress or keyholder.

Most keyholds come with a set of tags that can be attached to your keys and have an identification number. When you register with a key holding service, you send them one of your keys with one of these keyholders, and they will keep your key safe until you ask for it back.

This removes any temptation for you, as they will control your chastity periods.

Key guard services also often interact with you on a regular basis, playing the role of a traditional mistress or key holder.

As always, you should keep a spare key and put it in a safe place. That way, in case of an emergency, you can always remove it from the cage.

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