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Know everything about chastity cages before choosing the services of 3/4

Electric chastity cage

The Prince-Albert Piercing (also called PA lock) is the most effective way to prevent any man from getting out of his cage. At cage-chasteté.fr we have many models of penis cage with a half piercing integrated into the cage. If you already have a metal cage, you just need to add a small padlock that you will pass through the bars of the cage.

Chastity cage piercing PA

Why wear a penis cage?

Wearing a chastity device can be done for physical or psychological reasons.

The physical reasons are much more obvious. The penis cage prevents you from playing with or touching your penis. Without access to the cage, it will be virtually impossible for you to reach orgasm, leaving you at the mercy of your keyholder.

Psychologically, there are many other aspects to wearing a penis cage. You can wear a chastity cage during a relationship, which can serve many purposes.

Be more secure: Be sure that your partner will not use his penis for sexual purposes while you are away.

Establish a dominance/submission scenario: the woman takes control of her man.

Fulfill a deep-seated fantasy of abstinence

If you don't have a partner, it is still possible to wear a chastity cage without owning the keys. Simply entrust the keys to a keyholding service or a close friend.

But maybe you are just curious! You've heard about chastity cages and wonder what it would be like to wear one. That's fine too, and just as good a reason as any to wear one!

How does a penis cage feel?

Learning how to put on a penis cage and why people wear them is all well and good, but how does it really feel?

One of the first things you'll notice is that there's something on your penis. It seems obvious, but you'd be surprised at how noticeable it will be. Not only will your penis be heavier, but it will simply be larger and take up more room in your pants.

But this won't last forever, and the longer you wear your cage, the more you'll get used to it. In fact, some men get so used to wearing a cage that they claim to feel naked without it!

Once you get past the initial feelings and get used to the cage, some men experience what is often described as a "bondage hug." Wearing the cage feels like someone is touching or fondling your penis, which can be very exciting. This can make the first few weeks of wearing a cage quite difficult, as you have to adjust to your chaste lifestyle while constantly being faced with a lot of excitement.

One strange thing that many men notice is that as they wear a cage longer and longer and don't touch their penis, other parts of their body become much more sensitive. It's like blind or deaf people, whose other senses become stronger to compensate. You may find that touching or caressing other parts of your body such as your neck, back, thighs, and stomach begin to feel extremely pleasurable and exciting.

These are just a few examples of how men feel when they wear a penis cage. There are countless stories online, and every man is different, so they feel differently.

Does a penis cage prevent erections?

It may seem obvious that a cage that encompasses your penis permanently stops erections, but things aren't that simple.

If you've found the right chastity cage and measured it correctly, it should be slightly larger than your penis. This gives it room to move around inside the cage.

When you start to get an erection, you'll find that you're filling up your cage a lot more (which is why we recommend buying a larger one). The erection tends to pull the cage away from your lower abdomen and your testicles will be pulled forward. To avoid this phenomenon we recommend a slightly longer tube and a ring that fits your body type. Men who claim to have a painful erection often have a cage that is too small.

How long can you wear a penis cage?

Chastity cages, unlike many other sex toys, can be worn for much longer periods. Some men even like to wear them "permanently" over several years.


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