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Know everything about chastity cages before choosing the services of 2/4

Lock or padlock?

There are 2 systems to close the cages, the lock and the padlock. The choice will depend on the type of use of your chastity cage.

The lock is undoubtedly the most discreet locking system visually and acoustically, no shape protrudes, you can wear tight pants without fear. The absence of a padlock avoids any risk of slamming and swinging when you run or jump. This type of closure is recommended if you are dynamic or wear tight pants. The disadvantages are that it is often hard to insert when the ring is not well fitted with the cage tube. It is advisable to lubricate the lock from time to time for its proper functioning.

Penis cage with padlock

The padlock is the most basic but also the most durable system. It is placed in a pin that connects the main ring and the tube. Contrary to the lock, this last one is very fast to put and does not risk to jam. In addition, when it closes, it will be very exciting to hear the "click" symbolizing the beginning of abstinence. One of its defects is that it can make noise when rubbing against the cage. We do not recommend it if you practice self-bonding (self-abstinence) because it is quite easy to break it with basic tools.

What size to choose?

The ideal penis cage will have to reproduce the exact dimensions of your sex, both in length and width.

In length, it will be equivalent to the distance between your lower abdomen and the tip of your glans. The tip of your glans should be against the urethral slot of the cage tube. If the tube is too long, you will have difficulty in urinating "straight", if it is too short, you risk irritation at the glans.

If the tube is too wide, it will be equivalent to the diameter of your penis. If the tube is too tight, you will have a lot of trouble putting it on (even with the sock technique) and the blood circulation will be impaired. If the tube is too wide, your penis will have no support and all the weight of the cage will be on the main ring.

Chastity cage ring diameter

The diameter of the main ring is also important, if it is too tight, the blood will have difficulty circulating in your penis, even at rest, this can cause pain in the scrotum and will be very uncomfortable. If it is too wide, the cage will tend to fall down and pull on your testicles.

We invite you to read our article "Measuring your penis for a chastity cage" for more information on the subject.

Accessorize your penis cage

Several BDSM accessories can be installed on your chastity cage to spice up your abstinence.

Urethral plug

Removable spikes/screws

Electrode for electrostimulation

Prince Albert Piercing

The urethra plug is one of the most exciting chastity accessories. Having your sex compressed both from the inside and the outside is a unique sensation. This device is screwed at the end of some cages provided for this purpose. Urethral probes are divided into two categories, flexible plastic probes and rigid metal probes, the latter sometimes have notches that make the sensation of penetration fluctuate. Urethral plugs should be used with care, they must be disinfected meticulously before and after each insertion. A good lubrication of your urethra is necessary beforehand in order not to hurt your body.

Urethral chastity cage

Removable spikes are dedicated to confirmed submissives with sadomasochistic tendencies. The spikes generally have a flat end so as not to hurt the skin of the slave in question. The pain is felt at the beginning and then it fades after a few minutes to become a constant discomfort. The screws are placed between the main ring and the cage tube. On most models, the accessory cannot be removed once the cage is locked, so you will have to wait for the return of your domina to have the release.

Chastity cage with spikes

The electrostimulation (also called E-stim, electrosex or electrostim) allows, thanks to a low frequency current, to contract the nerves and muscles of the erogenous zones such as the penis, the perineum and the prostate. The majority of the electric chastity cages transmit the current into the penis via membranes placed at the level of the glans, the bursa or directly in the urethra plug. Each electrical discharge will give you a brief but very exciting burn. The electrosex is generally practised during a bondage session, so that the victim can't struggle and remove the electrodes.

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