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Know everything about chastity cages before choosing the services of 1/4

What is a penis cage?

A penis cage is a chastity device for men that prevents masturbation and penetration. It must be perfectly adjusted to the dimensions of your member to block its expansion of the penis when you start to have an erection.

A penis cage is made up of two parts, on one side the tube that encloses the penis, on the other the main ring (or cockring) placed at the base of the scrotum, it encloses both the testicles and the base of the penis. The ring is connected to the tube via a lock or a pin and a padlock. Once in place, the space between the tube and the ring is not sufficient to allow the testicles to escape, so the cage is tamper-proof.

Guide to buying a penis cage

What material should I choose?

Penis cages are made of different materials, more or less light and more or less strong. The most popular are metal cages, but there are many others, including plastic (polycarbonate), silicone and even leather.

Metal cages, although heavy, are appreciated for their solidity and their hygienic character, which makes them ideal for long term use. They are made of stainless steel so they won't rust, so men who wear them can shower with them without fear. The cage's tube is usually made up of bars that are spaced far enough apart to allow good ventilation of the penis and prevent sweating. The metal is odorless, so it will not impregnate potential sweaty odors.

Metal chastity cage

Plastic cages are light and comfortable and are ideal for athletic men who do not want their penis to swing around during their activities. These cages are usually made of a solid tube with a single vent at the end for urine drainage. Depending on the model, the ring is either metal or plastic. This type of cage is recommended for temporary use because of its lack of ventilation.

Plastic Chastity Cage

Silicone cages are flexible and discreet and are often worn in the workplace or on public transport. Its ergonomics and flexibility make it one of the most discreet cages. It is imperceptible under pants. The elasticity of the silicone makes it very comfortable and anti-irritation.

The main ring is made of metal and the tube is molded in silicone.

Silicone chastity cage

Leather cages, soft and original, are used almost exclusively in BDSM. They often have a ring to attach a leash and humiliate the submissive. The tube is composed of metal rings linked together by leather straps. The ring (cockring) is a small adjustable strap.

Chastity cage Leather

Hinged rings or fixed ring?

There are different types of cock rings, the openable rings and the fixed rings, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

The openable rings have a hinge in the middle, they must be placed at the base of the penis and cover the bursa and scrotum, they must be put in place after the tube is placed so that they can be directly held closed with the lock or pin. This type of cage can pinch your skin if you get the angle wrong. So be patient, and check the hinge location before you close it.

Hinged chastity cage

Fixed rings cannot be opened, they must be positioned before threading the tube. You will need to pass your testicles through first, then your penis by bending it downwards. Many people prefer this type of ring because they can position the ring more easily without the cage shell getting in the way, this type of ring also avoids the risk of pinching. However, it will be more difficult to put on if you have large bursae or a bulky penis.

Breathable or not?

Breathable cages are those whose tube is made of metal or plastic bars, they are to be preferred if you want to wear them for a long time. Thanks to the numerous ventilation slots, your sex will not sweat or will sweat very little. When you wash up in the morning, you can easily access your penis to clean it. If you are a fan of naughty games or BDSM, your mistress will be happy to titillate the tip of your glans through the bars with her long nails.

Closed chastity cage

Penis cages without openings are good for temporary chastity for a few hours at most. You'll be sweating from the glans quickly, which your supervisor may not like.

Lock or padlock?

There are 2 systems to close the cages, the lock and the padlock. The choice will depend on the type of use of your chastity cage.

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