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I don't usually talk about my private life (I get a lot of flack for it :), but I'm going to tell you briefly about my New Year's Eve party because the chastity cage was one of the essential ingredients of its success.

I have three Parisian girlfriends who, like me, put their man in a cage for the greatest pleasure of the couple. The funny thing is that each of the four of us has known for a long time that our respective men are in a cage (I was the one who advised them)... but none of the men know that the others are. Sometimes we have one of these couples over, or we have them over for a party or dinner. But until now we had never had a party with all four couples.

While discussing with our girlfriends about our New Year's Eve project, and not having planned anything concrete, we decided that this New Year's Eve party could be the occasion to gather for once our four couples. What we liked, obviously, in this idea of a small New Year's Eve party between friends, was the idea of having our men with us, each of us knowing very well that each man was caged... while none of the men knew that the others were also wearing a cage! These circumstances created an intellectual excitement among us girls, tinged with amusement, which contributed to install an excellent atmosphere as soon as the first guests arrived.

Of course, in spite of all our chatter about different subjects, we never brought up the subject of the cage during the evening. We had agreed on that, mainly because we didn't want to embarrass the men among themselves, and also because this little secret between girls was what we thought would spice up the evening. And in fact we enjoyed it, the men taking care of everything and serving us gallantly like princesses all evening long. When they were not in the living room with us, too busy in the kitchen, we laughed under our breath to know that all four of them were busy pleasing us, each one carrying his own little cage without the others knowing it.

We took the aperitif, had dinner, discussed and also danced, as on every New Year's Eve. At midnight, everyone kissed each other and wished each other a happy new year. It was still funny to feel that the men were careful not to put their belly against us during the ritual kissing, in order not to make us feel their cage... that we all knew they were wearing. The last guests left around four in the morning and everyone seemed delighted with their evening.

The cage: the secret of successful atmospheres :)

It is a very pleasant feeling for a woman to be in a meeting where every man is well behaved, courteous, gallant, considerate, generous, charming, respectful, without any excess or inappropriate flirtation. During this evening, more than anywhere else, we were able to see to what extent the cage is capable of "domesticating" masculinity by ridding it of its painful aspects (machismo, egotism, inclination to flirt...) and by teaching the man to curb and control his baser impulses. This little miracle, we know it better than anyone, only the cage is capable of creating it. It remains for many women to learn to discover and practice it :)


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