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Everything you need to know about wearing chastity cages and starting chastity with a cage 3/4

How to put on his chastity cage if he doesn't agree?

If your fantasy is to be able to control your man's sex life, the chastity cage is the accessory you need. You can measure his penis with a string and pretend it's to see if he has a "small dick" compared to the average. He will let you do it without any problem. All you have to do is buy the cage of your choice.

But how do you convince him to put it on if he doesn't agree? You have several choices:

Convince him of the advantages

Role-playing chastityDo a role-playing game by tying him upIf your spouse knows that you bought him a chastity cage, all you have to do is convince him by citing the many benefits of abstinence. Staying faithful - no more wasting energy masturbating - testing his psychological limits - becoming tender and devoted to his partner - showing his respect by obeying him at the drop of a hat - keeping his arousal only for the pleasure of his lover ... and many other benefits.

You can suggest to your man to tie himself up in turn to increase the excitement. Let him tie you up at first, he will take advantage of it to titillate you until the orgasm. He will hold back from ejaculating, because he will imagine that you are going to give him a blow job when it is his turn. Once released, after having tied him up, you will masturbate him slowly during long minutes. Then you will slide an ice cube on the glans for a long time to make his erection decrease. Once his penis is flaccid you can lubricate his penis and put him in his chastity cage.

Where to put the key to the chastity cage?

Chastity as a couple

If you are in a relationship, you should give the key to your cage to your master/mistress so that she can keep it in a safe place. Ideally, she should wear it permanently, either around a collar or a bracelet. She can also find a hiding place that only she knows about. If your dominant is in a teasing mood, she can put the key somewhere in plain sight, but attached to a code lock (4 digits minimum). The only way to free yourself will be to test all the combinations. Be patient, it's for your own good.

Chastity alone

If you practice self-bondage, or are simply caged, it is advisable to find a way so that you do not have immediate access to the release key. Several techniques exist:


Digital self-locking padlockThese padlocks are programmable timers. You can choose the duration from a few minutes to more than ten days on some models. Once the time is up, the lock opens automatically. So all you have to do is put all your keys in a safe that you will lock with this padlock.


This method consists in imprisoning the key of your cage in ice. The only way to free yourself is to wait for the ice cube to melt. Ideally, the key should be in the middle of the block to increase its duration of inaccessibility. To do this, simply hang the key from a string while the ice is freezing. A bucket of water in the freezer will give you at least 2 days of abstinence if the temperature is 15 degrees.


Mailing chastity keyThis technique consists of placing the key to your chastity device inside an envelope, then mailing it to a non-existent address on the other side of France (don't forget to write your own address on the back). The letter will be returned to you within 2 to 3 weeks. The farther away the address you indicate is from your home, the longer it will take to get back to you.


Emergency key chastity

It is essential that the subject have access to an emergency key at all times. It can happen to anyone to have a sudden inflammation to a testicle, an intratesticular torsion, or simply that their aspects become abnormal by their forms or their colors.

If your mistress is responsible for your safety, she must provide you with a duplicate key, which she will have previously placed inside an envelope sealed with wax and her stamp. If you open the envelope without a valid excuse, your dominant may punish you heavily.


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