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Everything you need to know about wearing chastity cages and starting chastity with a cage 2/4

One hour before putting your penis and testicles in the cage, we encourage you to apply intimate (or baby) moisturizer to reinforce the elasticity. The parts of the skin that will be in constant contact with the ring will be subjected to friction and tension. This will help strengthen the skin in those areas.

Hair removal

Intimate hair removal

In order to improve your comfort once caged, we recommend a complete shave of your genital area. This will prevent your hair from getting caught in the bars and the cage's locking system. It will also make daily grooming easier, as you will be able to slide your fingers inside to rub your skin. For long term chastity, this will reduce friction between the ring and the epidermis of the scrotum.

For hair removal, the method that offers the most comfort is waxing or permanent hair removal, which allows for long term retention without immediate hair regrowth. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive and sometimes painful.

Classic shaving is ideal for maintaining a certain level of comfort for short- and medium-term abstinence, since the hair grows back immediately.

Regardless of the hair removal method you use, it is recommended to wait until your skin is free of redness or any other signs of irritation before wearing the chastity cage. These abrasions may worsen with friction, if your skin is not already accustomed.


Lubricating the penis

For a smooth insertion, the penis should be pre-lubricated with baby oil or a water-based lubricant. The tip of the penis should touch the end of the cage for proper retention. Once the cage is inserted, the lubricant should be removed by a quick rinse with fresh water. Then the penis should be dried with a hair dryer.

An alternative to lubricant is to use talcum powder and the end of a stocking or pantyhose.

After putting on the ring, put some talcum powder on your penis.

Push the end of the pantyhose inside the tube and out through the hole in the urinal cage.

Then push your penis into the opening of the pantyhose, and insert the tube as you pull the pantyhose out of the cage (through the end you pulled out through the hole for urination).

Once your sex is fully inside, you only have to remove the pantyhose by pulling on the end.


In order for your relationship with your lover to run as smoothly as possible once you are inked, it is best to draw up a chastity contract in advance for both parties to sign before you begin your abstinence.

This contract describes the length of time the man will remain locked and the rules the keyholder has set for him, as well as the penalties and/or rewards that come with it. The tasks of the keyholder will also be defined, such as ensuring the comfort and hygiene of his submissive.

Chastity cage metal man

Appropriate times to put in place

Putting on a chastity cage is not a trivial act, for your chastity experience to go as smoothly as possible it is important to know that depending on your state of arousal and your physical condition, your reactions and urges will not be the same when the time comes.

State of arousal

If you want to be very frustrated from your first day of chastity, we advise you not to cum during the 48 hours preceding your caging. 2 days is the average length of time a man must wait to be at his most aroused. At this stage the master or mistress will have to be vigilant with the keys, your hormones in full boiling will push you to do the maximum to release you.

If this is your first experience with a chastity cage, we advise you to put it on right after the orgasm. On the one hand, it will be easier to put it on since your sex will be totally flaccid; on the other hand, since you will not be excited, you will have little erection during the first 24 hours, so there will be less tension in the ring and the testicles. Your body will therefore get used to this new chastity device more quickly.

Physical condition

Your lover should carefully check your physical condition before forcing you to wear the cage. If you are unfit, tired or ill, you may not enjoy your first chastity cage experience at all.


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