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Do not do chastity alone register at the academy 2/3

Asexuality and low libido

The asexual population, or rather those who do not have sex or have exceptionally low sex drives, are also users of the chastity device. I was recently talking to a friend with whom I inquired about his decision to wear a chastity device. He explained to me that although he doesn't find sexual attraction in anyone and doesn't have a particularly high libido, he would still get random erections as the body tests the arteries and makes sure everything is still working. He wore the chastity cage for two reasons, the first being that it prevented him from getting erections. He had read about the use of chastity cages and discovered that some men had successfully learned to control their erections throughout the day.

This was very appealing to my friend, who often felt quite self-conscious about having an erection in front of other people. The second reason he gave was that it was a safety net for him. He had a very low libido, but that didn't mean he didn't want to have casual sex or jerk off. His dick was thus firmly locked in a cage, with the key safely in his home, and he didn't feel the need to pleasure himself from time to time. For him, it was the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that if he was placed in a situation where his bodily urges would try to overtake him, he would still be in control. Think of it like putting your credit card in an ice cube, to delay spending money you don't have.

Also, there are guys who want to practice celibacy, whether it's permanently, for a while because of their religious or personal beliefs, or even if they just want to clean the body. Cock cages work wonderfully for these types of people who are new to practicing celibacy and need an extra security blanket to make sure they don't stray. These are just a few of the reasons single men choose to wear dick cages - but I hope this gives a little insight into a seemingly mysterious world.

Unknown Keyholder

There are actually forums and websites dedicated to people who want to be other people's online Keyholders. They find the idea of controlling someone's sexual urges to be an incentive for themselves, and they are there to help people who want to commit to chastity, but are not in a relationship, don't have a friend willing to help them, and still want to be in a chaste relationship. These people may present themselves as chastity coaches or as Masters and Mistresses who will take care of you and help you achieve the chastity lifestyle you want. Chastity slaves are usually held captive by their key holder, either by physically handing over their key or by being given a new lock with a code that the chaste man may request for different reasons. There are some differences between an online chastity relationship and a physical chastity relationship.

The man seeking chastity can discuss with the key holder how long he should stay in the chastity device. Once the time is up, the key or code will be given to release them. If the chaste man has broken a rule or directive, an extension of chastity may be granted. This extension may be for a few days, weeks or even months, or it may be left unfinished, with the chaste male having to perform certain tasks to complete his sentence.

Mistress Handcuffs

Communication is the key. As with all submissive and domineering relationships, boundaries are discussed, put into a document or agreement and signed/approved by all parties. It would be wise to ensure that there is an agreement so that the relationship has a sense of guidelines.

A physical key, or code, should be given to a third person/party or put in a safe place in case of emergency. If something were to happen to the dominant, or key holder, and there was an emergency, compensation must be given so that the chaste male can obtain freedom.

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