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denial orgasm one of the challenges that you will find on 1/2

If you're in the male chastity business, chances are you've heard of a "ruined orgasm" before. Maybe it was the mysterious title of an intriguing new porn video on your favorite site. Or maybe it was mentioned by a veteran chastity practitioner on a forum dedicated to sharing stories.

But what is a ruined orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is a male orgasm in which all stimulation is stopped just as the "point of no return" of ejaculation has been passed. This means that the penis cannot be stroked or touched from that point on. This can also include stopping stimulation of the prostate, testicles, nipples or any other erogenous zones.

The result is that the semen drips into the penis, "leaking" rather than "squirting".

What is the point of no return?

This is the moment when the man feels that no matter what happens he will ejaculate, whether his sex is moving or not. It can be similar to a cramp, after a certain point you know that it will go away and that no matter what you do it will happen.

What makes a ruined orgasm so unique?

Metal chastity cage

The man will release semen but will not experience any of the pleasurable sensations associated with a traditional orgasm. Despite the "orgasm", he will no longer have arousal but will be very frustrated and, in many cases, still hard.

What does a ruined orgasm do for him?

When a man's orgasm is ruined, fluid (semen) is released from his prostate as usual, but he does not experience the muscle contractions that cause semen to "spurt" during a typical orgasm.

Psychological consequences:

As a result, his brain does not release any of the hormones associated with post-orgasmic "afterglow," such as prolactin and oxytocin. Dopamine levels remain high throughout her body. Instead of feeling lethargic and relaxed, he remains frustrated.

For him, a ruined orgasm can be an extremely frustrating experience, especially if he has been caged for a long time and is desperate to be released.

Different opinions from men:

Some men enjoy ruined orgasms, feeling that they intensify the teasing and denial elements of a forced chastity relationship. Others don't like them, and would do anything in their power to earn a full orgasm rather than a ruined one.

Keyholder, take the time to learn how your caged man feels ruined so you can find the best way to incorporate them into your chastity dynamic. Are they a reward? A punishment? A little of both? Something to surprise him so he doesn't become complacent by always coming to orgasm when you promise he will?

Experiment and find out what works for you!

Why do keyholders like to ruin their orgasms?

At this point, keyholders might be thinking, okay, this ruined orgasm thing sounds hard. I have to pay close attention to his dick to make sure I (or he) stops touching it at the right time. It may even take several rounds of practice to get there. But what's in it for me?

Benefits for both you and him:

Resin chastity cage

Ruining a man's orgasm produces a number of benefits for the key holder. He stays turned on, which means the sex play can go on longer. You can continue to tease him, or he can take a break and pleasure you - whatever you prefer!

He may still be hard - ready to give you intense penetration after the ruin. Some men even report that having several ruined orgasms over a period of time shortens their refractory period, eliminating that tedious break between sexy sessions.

And if you're feeling kind and decide to give him another chance, he can still experience a full release even after being ruined - yes, ruination is the number one way to achieve that beautiful moment we thought was only a legend, the multiple male orgasm!

But what if ruined orgasms aren't for me?

Sure, ruined orgasms are often associated with male chastity. But that doesn't mean all couples who practice forced chastity have to use it. There are plenty of unique and awesome ways to get a man off.


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