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Husbands who are denied sex with their wives


Husbands who are denied sex, including oral and vaginal sex, with their dominant wife...

In some cuckoldry relationships or marriages, the wife may decide to take her man to the next submission by refusing sex altogether and replacing it with other sex. Note that this is simply a denial of sex and not a complete denial of orgasms. Her goal is to completely replace her husband as her sexual partner while maintaining an ongoing husband/wife marriage. Although this is probably not the norm.

Replacing her husband does not mean that they do not continue to have a sexual and intimate relationship, far from it. Couples who live a cuckolded life are often much more emotionally and physically intimate than when the husband was allowed inside his wife. This can cause a husband, who is willing, to submit deeply to his wife. The complete replacement of his access to sex can be a deeply satisfying experience. But it takes time to achieve and extraordinary communication between partners.

Men desire sex with their wife/partner to satisfy two needs:

1) to share emotional intimacy with her and 2) to gain sexual release. These two needs can easily be replaced by other means without the husband having to have sex with his wife.

Some examples (certainly not exhaustive):

Date preparation: When the cuckold helps his wife get ready for a date, including shaving her for her lover, it is an intensely intimate experience for both of them. Another intimacy they may share is when she helps him achieve his sexual release in other ways.

Masturbation: she can manually arouse his penis herself while they discuss the intimate details of his previous or next encounter and allow him to reach orgasm. This can be great fun for the wife who can delay her orgasm as long as she wants and keep him in a state of arousal for an extended period of time.

Frotti frotta: This is when the woman climbs on his cock that is under her and rubs her pussy along the length of his penis. This stimulates both his penis and his clitoris while preventing him from penetrating.

What the cuckolds have in common, despite the diversity of their lifestyles, is submission. They are all very submissive men - especially sexually. Accepting their wives' sexual adventures with other men is the first serious step toward openly accepting a submissive position in the relationship. Being denied sex and even having his penis locked in a chastity device while his wife remains available to other men greatly amplifies this feeling of submission.

Ground rules for cuckolded men

cuckolded woman condom

1. The husband must trust his wife not to become emotionally involved with any of the men she is with. The cuckold lifestyle must bring sexual excitement and satisfaction to the marriage, an outlet of submission for the husband and dominance for the wife. The wife must remain "mostly" emotionally distant from her lovers.

2. Although the husband does not have to "approve" of the men with whom a wife cuckolds him, he is allowed to express his concerns about them if the cuckold is to be made known to him. If possible, the husband will know where she is, the expected time, and will be able to reach her by cell phone if necessary. This is a safety valve for most women.

3. The stable of men/lovers will never include the husband's relatives, friends or colleagues.

4. If she cuckolds the husband without his knowledge - a new lover of the moment, the wife must be discerning with the man/men and will leave any situation that does not feel "right" to her.

5. The woman will always use protection against sexually transmitted diseases. There are no exceptions. It is for the safety of the woman and her husband.


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