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Chatity Cage and sexuality 1/2


is is a topic that I inevitably have to address because it's obvious that sometimes the bird will have to be released. It's also a question I'm often asked privately by novice or curious women: how exactly does the sexuality of a caged man change on a daily basis? And how does the cage improve intimacy between spouses so much?

Simply put, the wife is now the one who decides when to have sex. She is the one who holds the key, the man knows it, accepts it unconditionally, and it contributes greatly to his pleasure. She is the one who has the power to propose an intimate relationship, even if she doesn't need to express it in words: she just has to use the key to release the bird, and he understands that a good moment is coming.

The advantage of wearing the cage for a long time is that, once released, the penis achieves a good quality erection. Erections that once might have been sluggish and long in coming are now vivid and almost instantaneous. Prolonged abstinence obviously causes an increase in desire, and the man will inevitably be much more ardent at every opportunity given to him - all the more ardent as the opportunities are infrequent.

The prolonged wearing of the cage allows vigorous and good quality erections

A caged man shows himself much more "in love", much more filled with desire for his lady. This translates into easy and powerful erections which increase the quality of the sexual intercourse. On the mental level, the man shows himself more attentive, wanting absolutely to give pleasure to his wife. He is less focused on his own pleasure and more concerned about his partner's. He is also more cuddly, more attentive to his partner's needs. He is also more cuddly, more caressing... and more inclined to speak soft words. Without doubt, he shows his lady a certain gratitude for having freed him, a gratitude that he demonstrates by his increased sexual and sentimental "performances".

Frequency of intercourse

Of course, I won't venture to give any advice as to the frequency of intercourse, as it all depends on the nature of your own sexual relations as a couple. If you were having sex less frequently before the cage, wearing the cage won't make much of a difference, since he's used to abstaining. If you were having sex every day, you'll probably have to keep up a fairly steady pace... but not to excess. Indeed, a good quality erection can only be observed if the release remains exceptional, in any case not "at will".

In fact, the problem lies in the right balance to be found between the "intellectual" needs of the man and his "physiological" needs: a man needs to "empty" his testicles and prostate regularly, and - all consideration of pleasure aside - it's up to you to know the frequency that suits him. If he has big needs, you will have to take this into account by offering sex more often than to a man who is not very interested in sex. But don't overdo it, so that you can keep his desire strong, which is the key to your own pleasure.

What if he has a headache?

In "classic" couples, it's true that some men may not be very interested in sex. It is often a heartbreak for the wife who feels it as a humiliation. In a couple where the chastity cage is present, fortunately, this situation never occurs! The chastity cage proves to be the most powerful male aphrodisiac. Even a man who has few needs will be happy to be freed from the cage from time to time... and will find the pleasure of pleasing himself and his wife. As for the "breakdowns" that occur from time to time in "classic" couples, well... as far as I am concerned, I can testify that they simply do not exist in our couple!

And if the lady has a headache?

I would say that, thanks to the cage, she is now perfectly entitled to have a migraine. She just doesn't have to feel guilty about having to find an excuse: all she has to do is not to use the key and to postpone its use until she really wants to be intimate. The cage can help relieve the guilt of some women who are not very sexually inclined, since nothing and no one can "force" them to have sex when they don't feel like it. The desire for an intimate relationship, it is now the woman who manages it in the couple. The woman is the only one in charge of the couple's desires and desires... and the man will have to wait until she decides that the moment has come. This may seem a bit "sadistic", and therefore in contradiction with my non-SM approach to the cage; but it is mainly a matter of the woman learning the art of dosage in the rise of desire in her partner... and of showing him that patience is the mother of a rich and ep


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