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Chastity cage in the porticoes of airports 2/2

I was at the pre-clearance, all I had to do was go through the security gate. I was wearing a GB 6000 stainless steel chastity cage. The alarm went off... no surprise. I had read up on forums, everyone recommends saying that you wear intimate jewelry (piercing), which I did, they still pulled me aside to ask me questions. The first agent asked me what kind of intimate jewelry it was, I told him the truth... that I have a 6mm Prince Albert piercing on the glans and that my penis is permanently locked in a steel chastity cage. He was very professional and told me he had to feel me up, to which I replied, "Do what you have to do." I was very friendly, it was a little awkward for both him and me, but I expected it.

The officer wasn't sure what to do, so he called a colleague, who did a pat-down in turn. They were obviously not comfortable with this situation, they took the walkie-talkie and called another agent who stopped everyone in line and loudly announced "everyone in the terminal STOP", it was very embarrassing!

They escorted me to a back room and the airport manager came in, shook my hand, introduced himself and asked me to explain what was going on. I did so and then waited for 10 minutes. Another guy came in and asked me a bunch of questions like where I was from, where I was going, and they analyzed my information. They told me that by palpation they could not precisely determine the object and that for security reasons they could not let me board. A little shocked, I told them that I was willing to drop my pants if necessary, and that I had the key to the cage in a sealed envelope and the accessory to remove the piercing in my suitcase. They made me understand that my suitcase was already on the plane at that point and that it was no longer possible. I took it really badly, especially since I knew that it was not the case since the deadline for checking in my luggage had not yet passed.

Plastic chastity cage

Finally, after 45 minutes, they finally realized that I was not a threat, the manager took everyone out of the room and asked me to pull my pants down. I did, he noticed and then apologized and told me not to wear that kind of device in airports in the future. He wanted me to sign a handwritten agreement, but after 30 seconds of thinking about it he finally let me go. I got on the plane just in time and my weekend was fantastic.

Although they pissed me off, I have great respect for what they do, I understand their position, that they are responsible for the safety of the passengers, that they have a strict operating procedure that leaves no room for doubts of a potential threat.

Moral of the story, traveling with a metal chastity cage is a risk that you have to assume consequences. This experience was terrible and so embarrassing that I will never do it again.

The Sailor's Slave


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