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Chastity cage in the porticoes of airports 1/2

For some couples, the chastity cage is just a short-lived BDSM accessory, simply used to spice up restless nights. For others, chastity is a true way of life, delivering many pleasures for both the submissive and the master.

When chastity is an integral part of the slave's life, it can sometimes cause problems, especially when it comes to flying on a regular basis.

What if your mistress had the good intention to place your little bird in a safe place during your trip?

Traveling by plane with a metal chastity cage

Metal chastity cage

In secure places such as airports, you must pass a security check before boarding. This check consists of passing in front of a magnetic detector in order to verify that you do not have weapons or bombs on you.

As you may have guessed, if you are wearing a metal chastity cage, an alarm will be triggered instantly after passing through this portal. A security guard will then perform a thorough body scan to detect the suspicious magnetic area, and then ask you what you are wearing there.

At this point there are two (very awkward) possibilities:

Either you tell him that you are wearing intimate jewelry and he will let you off with a laugh.

Or he will ask you to follow him to a discreet place so you can show him your cage. He will then let you go since it is not a dangerous object (and you don't have the key to remove it anyway).

If you want to avoid this kind of embarrassment, it is better to put your cage in a luggage:

Either in the hold (the best solution), your suitcase will not undergo magnetic control or X-ray scanning, so you can add your entire collection of chastity cages as well as many BDSM accessories without fear.

Either in a hand luggage, your cage will be seen by the security agents during the X-ray scan, they will probably laugh when they see it, but they will not have to question you since it is not a risky item. The great thing is that you can put your prison back on right after you pass the screening.

Which chastity cage to take a serene trip?

Plastic chastity cage

To pass through the airport magnetic detectors without any worries, the best solution is to wear a plastic or silicone chastity cage with a plastic closure. The cage should not have any metal parts.

If your plastic or silicone cage has an internal lock, there is little chance of it being detected. Standard locks are made of brass, a non-magnetic metal alloy. Even so, if you are concerned about the gate ringing, we recommend that you purchase a premium metal detector to be sure.

If it's a long flight, we strongly advise you to opt for a soft chastity cage to improve your comfort during the long travel period that awaits you. A rigid cage made of resin or silicone may be suitable as long as you have lubricated your sex beforehand to avoid overheating. (You can also use talcum powder as a replacement)

When traveling, we are often confronted with long days, that's why we recommend wearing a breathable cage, the slits and ventilation holes avoid perspiration and the formation of unpleasant odors.

A submissive tells of his misadventure at the airport

Silicone chastity cage

I've been locked up for a few months now without interruption, I knew I had to fly this weekend for work, so I asked my mistress to release me. Unfortunately in the past she has given me a break several times, but each time I cheated, all my cards were played and I have no credibility left. Long story short, she told me she would not release me this weekend and we would see what happens at the airport security check.


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