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  • Photo du rédacteurPierre gives you advice and offers you challenges in wearing your chastity cage

Chastity rings come in two distinct styles: solid and articulated

Solid rings are, as the name suggests, a single unbroken circle of metal unable to "open" or "separate". Meanwhile, hinged rings can be opened with a small hinge.

To put on a hinged ring, open it as wide as possible and place it around the penis just behind the testicles.

Your KeyHolder should gently close the ring while you move the skin of your dick as necessary to avoid any pinching or snagging by the hinge. (Of course, if you're a masochist or have earned a punishment recently, grabbing just a little skin can give you a nice short but intense jolt of pain!)

You will hear a distinctive clicking sound that indicates the ring has closed properly.

A solid band is slightly more difficult to put on, but there is no risk of catching or pinching the skin.

To put on a solid ring, first make sure the penis is completely flaccid. Slowly and gently guide your testicles through the ring, one at a time. Finally, bend the penis down and gently slide it through the ring.

Helping yourself with a small amount of your favorite sex lube can help your dick slip and slide right through that tight ring!

Don't forget the lube


Whether or not you decide to use lube when applying the ring, it's absolutely essential when sliding your cock into its brand new tube. We recommend that you apply a thin layer of lubricant to the entire glans penis.

Of course, penis cages should be put on when your penis is flaccid. If you start to get hard during their service, it's time to take a break, cool your sex with ice or ice water, and try again!

Slide your dick into the tube until the tip of your penis lines up with the slit or hole at the end of the chastity cage. Then have your master/mistress help you connect the cage to the ring.

Most Chastity Dungeon models have a series of single pins that fit together to create a strong, unbreakable connection.

Finally, it's time to lock up! Have your key holder perform this step to reaffirm the fact that he, not you, is now in full control of your cue and its functions. Store the key in a safe, inaccessible place - you can check out our Guide to Keeping Keys for some suggestions.

When you get into a new cage, be sure to wear it for the first few hours. Use the toilet and make sure urine can freely escape from your cage while you relieve yourself. If you feel any pain, pinching, numbness or other discomfort, tell your key chain immediately. Wearing a dick cage long-term should be difficult and uncomfortable, but it shouldn't cause you pain or long-term damage.

That's right, that's right! You have a perfectly sized, perfectly fitting cock cage that you can wear for as long as you want, or rather as long as your dominant wants. Wondering what the next step is? Well, we can say it's certainly not you... but you can take a look at our chastity play and chastity play guides for some ideas!

If you've arrived at this article it's because you probably already have a chastity cage, a penis cage is kind of like a piece of jewelry it's nice to be flirty and change it up at times...


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