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Advice for women about male chastity 2/2

- you alone decide when to release the bird: since you hold the key, you are free to use it whenever you want! No more macho power, it's no longer the man who asks you for a hug but you who is in control, you who decides according to your own desires. It is perhaps there where you will have to take on more and learn to assume your desires, because it is true that the woman has always been confined in a passive role, recognizing more or less implicitly to the man the right and the power to take the initiative in the sexual field. With a caged man, things are different because it is now him who is passive, waiting. It is the woman who has the power of initiative, and this is not so easy to assume, at least at first. But you'll see that if you force your nature a little, you'll soon get used to it: we all know how to use various tricks and euphemisms to show our desire to our man and make him understand that we want to!

This way, you!

- during the intercourse, impose your tempo: the caged man having no more power of immediate penetration, there is no hurry and it is thus you who lead the game. We all know that men are often in too much of a hurry, willingly skipping steps and botching the preliminaries to quickly get to what gives them the most pleasure: penetration. So don't feel obliged to take the cage off at the beginning of the cuddle, on the contrary, leave it on for as long as you want to make things last. Take your time, ask him to do what pleases you, learn to express your sexual desires. The man will be even more ardent and full of desire for you and will be happy to satisfy you with all the caresses you like, as long as you want. Cunnilingus in particular is a practice that they quickly learn to adore, even those who before the cage did not want to hear about it. So never hesitate to want to please yourself first, and to set your own pace for intimacy. The pleasure of the caged man is no longer only about penetration and ejaculation but is now much more focused on your pleasure: his goal is to give you orgasms, while his are secondary, less important to him. So take your time and live your pleasure: even if you feel a little selfish, be sure that this is how your man loves you, otherwise he would not have agreed to wear the cage!

These are some of the main principles, but of course you are free to modify them and invent others. Some women don't bother with additional rules, while others will take advantage of the opportunity to thoroughly reorganize the way the couple works, installing codes that were not in use before. Some couples whose madam is particularly directive adopt the non-reciprocal vouvoiement (he says "you" and gives you "madam", you say "you" to him) is one of the most frequently used. It is more a convention of play between accomplices, to be avoided of course when the couple is in public (family, work, friends), but which can bring even more spice to the relationship. Besides the charm of the retro side of this practice, it also has the merit of psychologically maintaining the man in the respect of the new hierarchy of the couple, where the woman has the leading role.

Thanks to the cage, chivalry is back!

On your side, try to maintain your femininity at all times. The cage is an opportunity to break the routine in your couple, take advantage of it to reintroduce the notions of seduction and desire in your couple. Make sure that you always remain desirable by using all the feminine devices (make-up, lingerie, jewelry, feminine clothes) and by avoiding showing yourself in unflattering ways (unisex clothes, curlers, shapeless pyjamas...): always present him, as far as possible, with a valorizing and fulfilling image of the woman and of femininity in general Take care of your appearance, more than before if possible, so that he realizes that this positive change from his point of view is also one of the advantages of the cage. You will find that, in return, he will be extremely gallant and eager to please you, putting your pleasure and comfort before his own. His desire for you will be permanent and you will be able to control him better.

The general idea to remember is that you are the dominant person (which does not mean dominating in the SM sense) of the couple, the "boss", and that you have as such a certain power over your man. You must learn to assume this power, this new role. For some women, this happens instantly, a bit like a "new man".

The general idea to remember is that you are the dominant person (which does not mean dominating in the SM sense) of the couple, the "boss", and that you have as such a certain power over your man. You must learn to assume this power, this new role. For some, it happens instantly, a bit like a revelation; for others it is more laborious, they must learn to overcome the old prejudices according to which the woman is the subordinate character of the couple. Try to have confidence in yourself, convincing yourself that, in any case, if you use the cage it is because your man wanted it. And if he wanted it, it's because he knows that, inevitably, it implies a new organization of your couple, where you hold from now on the main role. So enjoy the new pleasures that are offered to you and do not ask yourself too many questions.


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