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Advice for women about male chastity 1/2

I have

the impression that the cage is becoming more and more fashionable because for a few weeks now I have been receiving more and more emails from women asking me for information on the subject. I know that Brigitte Lahaye recently dedicated a subject to it in her sexological show on RMC and that some women's magazines are starting to talk about it, so this probably explains it. Anyway, in order to avoid repeating the same things in private, I thought it would be useful to dedicate a page of this blog to advice that could be beneficial to women who want to try the cage with their husband but who, due to their lack of experience, don't know what attitude to adopt once the cage is placed on their beloved. Most of the time - I think it's clear from the various testimonies here and elsewhere - the cage is a desire of the man. Many women still refuse to hear about it, but many more than we think may be tempted, especially after realizing the many benefits that the cage can bring to their couple: fidelity, dedication, increased desire, strengthening of complicity, etc. If you are one of them, here are a few tips that will help you gain confidence in your role as key holder, and give your husband or partner the impression that you are as much in control of the situation as he has the right to expect:

Become your man's goddess!

- Be a leader: by accepting to be caged, the man implicitly entrusts you the power in the couple. Don't be afraid to use it, or even abuse it. You are now the authority in your relationship, and even if you are reluctant to express your will, your desires or your demands, be sure that this is what your man expects. All decisions concerning daily life are discussed together as before, each one giving his opinion and putting forward his arguments, but in the end don't be afraid to make the final decision alone, even if it seems to go against his will. Be convinced that he will not resent you, on the contrary: the more you show yourself to be a leader and sure of your choices and desires, the more he will have more respect, and therefore love, for you, all the testimonies show it. Don't be shy, show your authority and assert yourself!

- Be uncompromising about the key: you alone hold the key to the cage and its possible duplicates, no question of compromising on that. The caged man likes to feel well "owned", well controlled by his wife or partner, and this feeling would be less if he knew that he can get rid of the cage himself if necessary. In return for this intransigence, show him that you yourself are well aware of the importance of the key by wearing it on you, preferably as a pendant at the end of a necklace hidden in your cleavage, or in your handbag if you do not want to take the risk of showing this key.

- you alone decide how long you want to wear the cage: whether it's for a short period of play or 24/7, it's always the woman, and only her, who decides how long you want to wear the cage. Of course, it is not a question of being cruel by imposing an excessive length of time on the man, but it is important for the effectiveness of the effects of the cage on the man's mind that he feels that this question is permanently and unequivocally yours alone. It is up to you to determine the length of time and the circumstances during which your man will wear it, according to his abilities. Ask him for his opinion, of course, and you'll get information on what he's willing to accept, but make it clear that the final decision, in this area as in others, is yours alone and that there is no question of compromising. Never forget that he likes you to be bossy and demanding, and the more he feels controlled by you, the more he will love you back.

- you alone decide when to release the bird: since you hold the key, you are free to use it whenever you want! No more macho power, it's no longer the man who asks you for a hug but you who controls, you who decides according to your own desires. It is perhaps there where you will have to take on more and learn to assume your desires, because it is true that the woman has always been confined in a passive role, recognizing more or less implicitly to the man the right and the power to take the initiative in the sexual field. With a caged man, things are different because it is now him who is passive, waiting. It is the woman who has the power of initiative, and this is not so easy to assume, at least at first. But you'll see that if you force your nature a little, you'll soon get used to it: you'll be able to

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