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24 reasons to wear a chastity cage

1. I wanted to stop masturbating and stay pure, clean and ready to have sex with my life whenever she wanted.

2. I wanted to cede total control of my manhood to my wife, and reassure her that I wasn't cheating on her (which included playing with myself), when I traveled for work.

3. I wanted to increase and strengthen my self-awareness regarding ideas of sexual relief and pleasure.

4. By stopping my ability to masturbate, I in turn became very attentive to my wife. In my previous sexual activities, I always came too fast, and now the focus was on the fact that I could cum and satisfy my wife by giving her repeated orgasms whenever she wanted.

5. Stop masturbating for no reason. By not having the ability to masturbate, it makes me incredibly horny all the time because I am now in constant awareness of my penis.

6. Even though I am no longer able to get an erection except when my wife chooses to, I am still mentally aroused by the sight of it, as well as the feeling and physical act of being locked in a chastity cage.

7. I wanted to satisfy my wife in all things sexual and I can do so by remaining in a constant and continuous state of arousal. This allows me to serve her every wish and desire without the distraction of my own sexual release. I love the constant teasing that comes from wearing a chastity device. I love channeling this teasing into discovering new ways to cum and satisfy my wife other than through the act of penetration.

8. I wanted to satisfy my wife and make her happy by being a better husband. By removing the distraction of sexual energy, I have now discovered that my time and attention goes to who and what is important, where it did not before being put into chastity. My mind is now in the right place, and for the right reasons.

9. I wanted to increase the sexual tension in our relationship. By avoiding all masturbation, I am now saving my sexual energy for the love of my life, my key holder.

10. I believe that every man should be kept in a state of chastity and deprived of sexual pleasure until such time as his dominant sees fit to release him.

11. I wanted to feel the frustration of not being able to obtain sexual release and I consider this a sign of devotion to and for my wife.

12. I wanted to be more controllable, and learn to be a much kinder and more attentive husband. I like the feeling of being controlled.

13. I enjoy the pleasure of being chaste, as I enjoy being a slave to a woman.

14. To stop the useless act of masturbation and make sure I am fully given to my wife. To give her the attention and energy she deserves.

15. I find the idea that I am unable to get an erection exciting. I am now fully aware of my manhood at all times and understand the limitations it has placed on me.

16. I wanted to spice up my sex life and be able to understand and demonstrate the love I have for my wife.

17. I wanted the fantasy of being a chaste man and the ability to exercise physical control over myself.

18. I wanted to sacrifice my needs to better please my partner, and be in a position where she has the attention she deserves to be my wife.

19. I wanted to serve my lover, to give myself entirely to her whims and desires. I find the idea of the edge incredibly erotic, and I enjoy the constant teasing and being aroused even though I can't get away from it.

20. I wanted to be able to serve my wife better, and not waste my energy on my own selfish pleasure.

21. I discovered that I was using masturbation, which would impact my sex life with my wife. I wanted to refocus the sexual energy and behavior I was displaying back, exclusively, on my wife.

22. Increase attention through the use of sexual frustration. This frustration increased my level of intimacy and devotion.

23. My wife likes to be in control of our sexual intimacy and likes to give it over to her completely.

24. I want to work toward long-term bondage. The attention of the key holder is very intense and there is an incredible sense of belonging when you are under someone else's control for a period of time, and perhaps indefinitely. I have found this to be an exceptionally good idea for maintaining a relationship.

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