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Man is happy in chastity cage and denied orgasm 2/3

Suitable work:

If you're wondering how I make money, hence the need for a uniform, well, my master got me a job as a waiter at a friend's house. I work there at lunchtime, from 11am to 3pm and only from Tuesday to Friday. This allows me to leave for work after my master and come back before him, to clean up and take care of everything before he comes home. Monday allows me to do the shopping and heavy housework. The master demands a spotless house. I was already a waiter when I met him. I say this because, I tend to be a very good tipper. Not that I'm allowed to make any money. Every penny I make goes home and back to my Master. My boss requires me to give him all my tips, he counts them, and puts them in a sealed envelope. I don't need the money anyway.

Steel chastity cage

An unbearable wait:

Every month the master buys me a bus pass so I can get to work. I get 5€ in my wallet just in case, but what else do I need? I am his slave. He and my master are friends. My master asked him to give me the work I know how to do. Also, he visits often and is allowed to use me as a reward for allowing me to work for him. I don't complain about this, I am a slave, what else would you expect. When I'm ready, I go to work. The bus ride takes me about 30 minutes, so I have to make sure I leave early enough. I look forward to my shift ending! It's Friday and the Master is due back this afternoon! His plane arrives at 5pm, so he should be home by 6pm. I hate it so much. When he is away. Being a slave all alone in your master's house is very lonely. During my work, I try to focus on my clients, once finished my mind goes back to evening excitement.

Sometimes, if he has made a good business trip, and I have met all his guidelines, he opens my cock and let me cum. Oh, don't get me wrong, he plays with me, he makes me long for hours, just for fun, but in the end, sometimes he lets me cum but it's rare. Most of the time he is in a sadistic mood, he teases me and then locks me up just before he comes. To be honest, I think I prefer it when he does that. I have grown to love the feeling of blue balls, very sensitive and full to bursting. Still, I hope he allows me to cum tonight because my testicles are getting extremely sore.

Soft silicone chastity cage

Once my work is done, I hurry home. I want to be prepared and expected as my master demands. He is usually home by 6pm, so tonight would be no different. The first thing I do when I get home is take off all my clothes and put them neatly in the closet. Once that's done, I do a quick run through the house. I check for dust, lint, and put away anything that is out of place. Once I've made sure the house is perfect, I get in the kitchen to prepare dinner for the Master. Over the years, I have become a pretty good cook. Working in a good restaurant helps me a lot, since I can watch the dishes I serve and observe how they are set up. My master expects his meal to be as beautiful as it is good. Believe me, I learned this concept the hard way a long time ago! Once I've done all the prep work and decanted the bottle of red wine I've chosen to accompany his meal I head to the bathroom. I still shave my face and brush my teeth before assuming my position in the hallway to wait for the Master to return.

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