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Do not do chastity alone register at the academy 3/3

Once the boundaries are set, the chaste male has ceded all control. From there, the key holder can make them do the daily chores, have humiliating and lewd fun with them, or simply make sure the chaste male follows all instructions. If this is not done, the chastity time could be extended or increasingly humiliating acts could be inflicted on them as punishment. It should be noted, however, that not all chastity relationships contain elements of humiliation and that there are other tasks that can be performed without humiliation. In virtual key holding situations - the chaste man will need to provide proof that the tasks are being completed and this proof could be given in the form of photos, videos, emails, texts or voices. The situations and tasks are endless. We have provided an example of some humiliating tasks that could be used:

Not wearing underwear and socks

Going to a nude beach

Walking around naked in the gym locker room

Wearing white spandex while jogging or at the gym

Shower with cold water only

Insert 2 golf balls in the butt for 24 hours

Shave all body hair below the neck. Get a shave during the sentence

Wear a leather slave collar in public

Wear a butt plug with a tail for an entire day

Take a black marker and write the size of your penis on your head in inches/cm, then go shopping.

Go to a gym with showers and shower with a chastity cage in front of your gym buddies

Take a bunch of pictures with you naked and wearing the chastity cage in different positions. Send them to the key holder

Write a 2000 word essay on the benefits of chastity and send it to the key holder

Take a picture kneeling naked in the chastity cage in a mall locker room

List 50 reasons why it is a privilege to be allowed to be kept in chastity by the key holder (We acquired this task from a chaste slave and published it in an article on this website)

These tasks are intended to integrate and reinforce the relationship of dominance and submission through the unknown key holder. Such tasks are not for everyone, and there may be some discussion about what types of tasks are feasible when setting relationship guidelines - but it is the dominant's mission to slowly increase your boundaries, although a good dominant understands those boundaries and pushes them without breaking them.

Solo chastity

The final group of individuals are those who simply want to enjoy solo chastity without the influence of others. They could be a combination of any of the feelings mentioned above, and they may not have any of them. They may simply enjoy being in a cage and the self-control they physically impose on themselves. In our next article, we will go over some of the safety tips as well as some of the games that solo chastity practitioners might play.

There are actually hundreds of thousands of people who prescribe this, and groups like NoFap claim to be a non-masturbation support community.

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