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Chatity Cage and sexuality 2/2

I woul

d say that, thanks to the cage, she is now perfectly entitled to have a headache. She just doesn't have to feel guilty about having to find an excuse: all she has to do is not use the key and postpone its use until she really wants to be intimate. The cage can help relieve the guilt of some women who are not very sexually inclined, since nothing and no one can "force" them to have sex when they don't feel like it. The desire for an intimate relationship, it is now the woman who manages it in the couple. The woman is the only one in charge of the couple's desires and desires... and the man will have to wait until she decides that the moment has come. This may seem a bit "sadistic", and therefore in contradiction with my non-SM approach to the cage; but it is mainly a matter of the woman learning the art of dosage in the rise of desire in her partner... and of showing him that patience is the mother of a rich and fulfilled sensuality.

In our couple, the right rhythm is weekly. My husband is not a fan of this, and neither am I. We both prefer quality to quantity. We both prefer quality to quantity; and if the quantity is not there, the quality is every time :)

Taking the initiative

Social conventions mean that women rarely initiate sex. In most couples, it's the man who proposes, bringing up the subject in a more or less open or crude way. In a couple where the cage is present, things are a little different, almost reversed. The woman holds the key. She has to free the bird, or give the key to her husband until he frees himself. The woman whose husband is caged is thus in a much more active and voluntary process than another woman: when she opens the lock, she implicitly signals her desire to make love. If it is the husband who frees himself, the idea remains the same: his wife has entrusted him with the key so that he can free himself, so she wants to.

At first, it can be difficult and intimidating for the wife to have to give herself the "start" of the sexual relationship. But with time, the intimidation gives way to an exhilarating feeling: the wife is happy to have the power over her man's sexuality, she controls the male organ and uses it as a wonderful toy that she will enjoy all the more because she knows that she is the only one in the world who can enjoy it. And this toy is all the more effective if it has been used at a carefully decided frequency: not too much, not too little.

Without turning into a vamp, know how to develop and maintain your seduction !

Knowing how to maintain your seduction

Having a man in a cage does not mean for the wife to rest on her laurels with the certainty that he remains faithful to her. Certainly, his fidelity is acquired. But it would be a very poor wife to consider the cage only as an instrument of constraint allowing the companion to reassure herself... and to let herself go by neglecting the component of seduction in the couple. I would even say that with the cage in the couple, it is even more important for the woman to know how to keep a seductive appearance towards her husband. Because it is also to show him respect and love to present him a pleasant, feminine and seductive image every day. It's a bit like saying to him "You see, you have committed yourself to absolute fidelity, so in return I give you the best I have in me. For you, and only for you, I will always be beautiful and desirable". Thus, by your mere presence, your mere appearance, you keep your man's desire alive and you are sure that each of his releases will be a celebration for both of you.

As far as I am concerned, and because I know that my man appreciates it, I take particular care of my toilet and my daily appearance. He prefers me in a skirt, suit or dress, so I avoid pants. He likes beautiful lingerie, so I wear the one he gives me. He likes stockings rather than tights, so even if they are more tedious to put on and wear than tights, I make the effort to satisfy him on this point. The same goes for makeup, which I never particularly practiced before the cage, I make the effort to wear a little lipstick, blush and eye shadow. Etc. In this area there is an increased exchange and complicity with my husband: we pay attention to each other's desires and wishes. Probably much more than in a classic couple.


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