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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Chastity is taboo. But always, men have used a chastity cage and a "keyholder" to control their sexuality.

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I am gay and I take responsibility. I am very drawn to sadomaso, but I have never done it, there are so many crazy people. With your formula I can live risky experiences in a professional environment , it's much healthier.

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With my wife we had a hard time having a child because my ejaculation was not strong enough. It must be said that I masturbated during the day and at the time of the act with my wife, the volume and strength of my sperm was too low . The chastity cage allowed me to get out of this situation.

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For religious reasons I needed to regain my chastity. The service you offer is a big plus. You also provide mental support, that's great!

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I'm afraid of missing my studies because of masturbation. that's why I have a chastity cage. For my health, I find it much better.

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I like to try new experiences. Calling on a professional to drive me seems logical to me, it's like in sport, you need a trainer.

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During Ramadan I wanted to refrain from having carnal relationships. It is difficult but the remote controlled chastity cage is perfect for this. It's a bit like a cane when it is difficult to walk, or a neck brace when you have a stiff neck.


Take the first step!

Take advantage of this opportunity which will help you to flourish as you wish.

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Thanks to who helped me in my vow of chastity.

On a practical level, the chastity cage is a good way to help a man with his sexuality. The chastity belt is suitable for both men and women, it allows more effectively to no longer live in continence.

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I have had a chastity cage for 2 years and I am the happiest man in the world. I do not understand that it is not more publicized. Chastity is a bit taboo, as is often the case with regard to sexuality. Whether it is the theme of "healthy chastity" or "vow chastity" or even "spiritual chastity".

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The chastity cage allowed us to live our marriage with a lot of passion and pleasure. Many wish to remain chaste until marriage. This is in keeping with virginity in Catholic marriage. Easy to say, but you have to get there. With your formula, my fiancé felt helped in his desire for abstinence.

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I see my Chastity Coach-keyholder a bit like a pastor, a priest or an imam because for me chastity and faith are linked. Whether in agreement with abstinence according to the bible or to respect a behavior "chaste Islam". You should know that chaste in Arabic is عفيف (eafif). Chastity is also part of the “priest ordination vows”. The origin of the chastity of priests is to be compared to the vow of poverty. It is a private wish.

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The plan you offered me is ideal for me who masturbated every day. I felt like I was dirty and didn't respect my religion. Now I am happy I respect my "vow of chastity". It is an act of faith. Abstinence is in line with all beliefs. This is why chastity is important in religion, there are also prayers to remain chaste.

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We love each other very much. Once we were married we reflected on chastity in marriage. We apply it and your formula helps us and supports us a lot. Chastity for us is a way of life. Before my masturbation kept me from concentrating on my studies, my work and my love life.

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