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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Chastity is taboo. But always, men have used a chastity cage and a "keyholder" to control their sexuality.

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To get the maximum amount of excitement from your chastity cage, you must no longer have control over the opening and feel constantly dominated wherever you are . This only allows it. The challenges offered are super exciting , so chastity is not about wearing a chastity cage stupidly.

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I am a business owner and I cannot take the risk that my sexuality is known. Going through a service provider is reassuring. I compare it to a relationship with a doctor.

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I am a professional athlete and before an important meeting I cannot take the risk of weakening myself physically by having sex. The remote unlocked chastity cage is very convenient for me.

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The other day I was in the office and I got a testicle stuck in my cage. I was in unbearable pain, I was almost crying. Immediately I contacted chaste-t's Coach-keyholder and she unlocked the system. I imagine the ordeal it would have been if I got stuck with the key in the pocket of a keyholder . I can say that is a mix of medieval French chastity techniques with current technology.

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I had a CB6000 which broke. I took the 6-month commitment subscription and I was able to get a new cage offered by which in addition was modified to correspond to my problems . Indeed, I had hygiene problems with my previous cage so the fablab modified the new cage. they created additional openings for the circulation of water.

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I have a friend who bought a chastity cage but did not see the point of the subscription. I said to him: " when you buy a mobile phone you take a subscription with an operator otherwise it does not work and well for chastity it is the same thing". He understood.

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Since my husband wears a chastity cage our sexuality is a real delight . My husband is very excited when he is released from his cage . It changed our love life.

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I masturbate too much, it's stronger than me. With a chastity accessory and someone to guide me I manage to get out of the addiction . In addition I am entitled to the reduced rate, it's cool!

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For my part, I will never give the key to the chastity belt to a loved one or someone with whom there is no contractual relationship. I am not crazy. The Coach-keyholder formula suits me well.

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When I have my cage and it is closed with the system, I feel a certain security . It's a feeling I didn't know before. The fact that my chastity is controlled by a Coach-keyholder who constantly ensures that everything is going well and who steers me is only happiness. That doesn't stop me from having my boyfriend who I love above all else.

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I told my partner that his chastity cage is like his glasses . No one would go and buy a pair of glasses on their own on the internet without the advice of an ophthalmologist. Well for a chastity cage it's the same thing, those who do not go through a pro like are wrong and waste their time.

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It's over I would never take a Keyholder again . The "dominators" that we find on the internet or in apps are amateurs. They do anything when they don't disappear with your key. If you change domi you find new problems every time. There the chaste thing is serious. If there is a problem the Coach-keyholderil manages it professionally and if you have a friend or an SM master they can have the code to open your cage.


Take the first step!

Take advantage of this opportunity which will help you to flourish as you wish.

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