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Help a boy finance his chastity

Sexual misery is a reality .

We see it every day: some men cannot finance their chastity. A chastity cage can cost 150 euros. They have so many other responsibilities to take on (studies, family, etc.) that this takes a back seat despite their state of distress.


Even by offering our service on very favorable terms, it is still too expensive for them.

They are unassisted, they cannot end their masturbation problems or control their sexuality. This can have serious consequences for them but also for society.


Sponsor the chastity of a boy in need .

This is why we have opened a fund to finance our activity in the direction of these boys in need.

You can make a donation that will be allocated to an individual project.


You will receive an account of the use of your money and you will know the first name, age , and situation of the boy whose chastity you have financed.


If you wish, your action can be mentioned on our blog.







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